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    Keralites and the Liquor Mania

    Each year, after each celebrations, we are breaking the records in consuming alcohol. If we watch the statistics, we can see that, for the past three years, we are breaking the records every time, on the days of Xmas, New year or whatever the celebration is. For the Govt., the best revenue source is this field now. And for the abkarees, it is the best profittable business. If you ask any person who is in the field of liquor, whether he is the consumer, supplier, producer, or whatever the grade may be, all are winners. Then who is the looser ?
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    Ibrahim K A kudos again for bringing one more public issue. Every govt survives on liquor sales. More shops are given permission to open many outlets in the garb of sub outlets and this way many unauthorised shops were taking its position elsewhere .And crores of rupees business were held on the eve of new year.

    K Mohan

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    Liquor business in Kerala is a booming business and all Govts have only made it more viable, opening more and more outlets without any consideration of the local situations. Couple of leaders like our CM have now started talking publicly against the Liquor business. This is only an eyewash in public with an eye on the forthcoming elections. Lik the fuel prices soaring up and up every now and then, a new pricing policy for Liquor like the Petrol/Diesel will help to reduce the consumption of liquor. After all, liquor can easily be grouped in "fuel
    " category. The damages being done now in Kerala will reflect very badly in the State in another five years time.

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    This is a very serious social issue. Media projects the income from liquor sale after every special day. One place excels the other, or the other way, perhaps giving a temptation for the losing place to consume more in the next occasion.

    Perhaps the Government cannot do in this, especially when it is attracted by the revenue from it. People and the society should take initiative to bring down the consumption rate. At least certain organizations are now coming forward to tackle the issue through propaganda.(Perhaps, it may be only a political gimmick).

    Awareness among the younger generation about the health, social and economic problems involved in 'drinking habit' must be created at the education level itself. Every religious groups should take initiative to inculcate among them about the bad effects of drinking. Only a concerted effort can only hope to generate some positive result.

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