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    "My SMS Format is" - the best business

    Wherever you go, you can see or hear the request to send an sms in the formst so and so. Whether it is a star singer show, comedy show, stage show or any other show, even in mobile also we get the request to send the sms. I have received an sms like this: "Who is Mohanlal. Send SMS A for actor, B for politician, C for scintist." or so. Any person getting this sms will be tempted to send the answer by sms. And, he will loose his cash from his account. How many crores these people are making with this SMS business?

    Star singer programes offer villas and flats worthing crores. But, they get the prize money by the way of sms business which they receive on the final day alone, and the other days are there profit..

    My dear friends, Think twice or thrice before sendiung any SMS to these type of special numbers.
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    The reality shows are truly beneficial to the Net work operators primarily. Secondly, the event management teams who make it with great pomp and pomposity make money out of the shows. Parents should open their eyes and keep away their wards from such shows which now a days carry more minus points than the positive ones.
    Sreekumar Nair

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    Dear Ibrahim Sir,
    At first let me congratulate you for bringing such creative thread for discussion.
    We all know that all the reality shows in the televisions either in any language are meant only for making profit and the SMS is the new method to boost their channel income. Its really a mutual understanding between the mobile companies and the channels. Recently I had read an article about the foul play done by a sponsor for a reality show. Even after 2 years the announced 'FLAT' was not given to the desired family. Its really pity under these circumstances.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Ibrahim K A you are really having a very good insight and bringing best issues into this forum and i am happy to be part of this discussion.

    Almost all television channels are inducing us to use SMS Contest to their benefit.If a singer wants to earn a slot, if a dancer wants to excel the organizers are want public to participate and announce a lesser prize money and we the poor audience going on sending messages and in the process they mint money and part nothing with us.

    Yes its a day light looting in the garb of corporate culture.

    K Mohan

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    For every sms we send they take Rs.3 normally from our account. Rs.0.10 is only which is provided to the mobile network provider. The rest of the money is given to the owner of the program.Its wrong that network providers are making the profit. They gets only what they get for a normal sms.
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    In present day situation mostly all members of family watch star singer and such programmes.Even a single episode is not missed and most of the days atleast 3-4 sms are being sent from a single house .All these sms sent are generating income for the official network providers of that specific program .Public should not be victim of these type of Cheating done by the network providers.We the public send thousands of sms for a person to see him winning uknowing the fact that someone has already been chosen as winner and our sms are only for generating revenue for the sponsors of the program.

    Jobin is saying that network provider is getting only 0.10Rs for a sms we send .How can that be possible for eg: lets take Idea star singer,the owner of the program is Idea .If a person is sending a sms from Idea mobile then Idea is the one getting the profit both ways by means of sms payments and recharges done by the person sending sms. If the person is sending sms from a Bsnl or Vodaphone or Airtel or Aircel they might be getting only the Rs0.10 as mentioned by Jobin,the rest is got by Idea which again is benefited .

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