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    Supreme Court ruling on Roadside Meetings

    The Supreme Court judgment on roadside meetings is a welcome development. It is a setback to the political parties and certain social groups and cultural organizations, which take out processions and rallies at the slightest provocation. Political leaders, as usual, have come out with scathing remarks against this ruling, the prominent among them being that of Mr. M V Jayarajan, who said courts in the country were haunted by the ghosts of the Emergency days. He feels that judges in the courts should not pass such orders because they will torpedo the democracy in the country. Politicians, irrespective of hue or color, forget that freedom is not a one way street that can be walked by politicians alone. Freedom means freedom for every citizen of the country to move about freely as he wishes in the course of his day-to-day activities. Demonstrations and agitations called by political parties often cause innumerable hardships to the lay public. Actually, what these political parties and other groups are doing is abusing their freedom, and in the process trampling upon the freedoms of others.
    The Supreme Court judgment is truly in tune with the spirit of the Constitution
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    As you said, this verdict is in the right mode. We know what is happening on the roads during the time of procession. I am from Kodungalloor and I do see a big queue of vehicles behind each and every procession and it takes a long time clear the conjustion on the roads. Even, no pedestrians will be allowed to cross the procession or to move against.

    Last three days, an area was isolated and all roads leading to that area was under controlled traffic by the police, as the Matha Amrithananda Mayi was there in the Math. Only those people coming to visit her, was allowed to use those roads.

    All the common citizens will be with this ruling of SC and only politicians will be agaist the ruling. Still they will win as they are the rulers and we are the donkeys.

    Regarding the poll, answer nos. 1, 4 and 5 are correct, as per my opinion.

    Loss and Gain are the two sides of a Coin.
    For every Gain, there should be a Loss.
    When I Gain something from you, definitely you loose that, and when you gain something from me, I loose it.

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    Hi Joseph,

    It is good rule from the supreme court for the normal human beings in India. As it is a time of losing the belief of people in courts and judiciary, this rule can make a huge change in the attitude of every Indian towards the judiciary, though it is a form of human right violation. Any way we can welcome this rule since it has some benefits as Ibrahim said. Thanks for such a wonderful thread,

    Good luck,
    Hamza Palengara

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