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    Readymade sadhyas have become a hit among the people of Kerala. Do you agree?

    Hi friends

    As we all know Onam is a festival for all people to enjoy. Every people are waiting for the Thiruvonam day. The Onam sadhya is an important part of our festival. In the past sadhyas were made at home itself. But now readymade sadhyas have become a hit among the people of Kerala. Do you agree?

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    No, Never. Onasadhya is one of the main attraction of Onam. Everyone likes the traditional taste of our naadan curries. When it turns to readymade Sadhya what is the specialty of sadhya in the Onam day. Sadhya may get everyday. But Thiruvona Sadhya is only once in a year. Food prepared in our own house only gives the complete satisfaction of Onasadhya.

    But one thing I have to say here. I know one family who buy readymade Sadhya for Onam. But they are not Malayaalees; they are Tamil Brahmans settled here. That may agree because it is proud to us that they too celebrate Onam day..


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    Wish you a happy ONAM. Onam is state festival. This is one festival of Kerala which does not show religion, region, caste, creed and community etc. Every body in Kerala and every Keralyeen abroad will celebrate this function to commemorate the truthful, peaceful, plentiful and heaven like period of Mahabali's rule, the maximum good of it was for us the Keralits. That is why we are all celebrating this festival from time immemorial.

    Of course as the time goes on there will be some changes according to the situation. About 50 years, the flower decoration in front of the house used to start from the 1st day of Chinga Masam, but now it start from the day of Atham. Onam was celebrated 10 days earl8ier, now it is reduced to 3 or 4 days. As the time changes we cannot stop changes in our activities also. As the facilities reduce, the festival also reduce.

    Asha Kurian has brought up a relevant issue. Because of pre occupations some may be celebrating Onam with ready made or Instant sadhyas. However, I agree with Sri Prashob that at least for one day, the day of Onam everyone should prepare the sadhya at home, even if it is a very simple one.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Hi Asha Kurian,
    I am partially agree with your statement,This fact mainly seen in urban areas ,Because they can't get complete ingredients for Onasadhya most of all they have't enough time for the preparation of Onasadhya .So they depend Restaurants for ready made Onasadhya.From there they get Onam sadhya kit, rate changing from 70 to 200.But in rural areas peoples follows traditional methods,they Get together with family members and prepare Onasadhya and design pookalam.Most of they busy with Onam games like thalpanthkali ,Attakalam,Kayankali,Kummattikali,Vadam vali.Most of family plans to visit famous tourist areas like Amusement parks,Heritage places ,Sanctuary ,Dams etc...
    Wish you happy Onam
    With regards

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    It is a fact that people staying in urban areas are going for ready made Ona sadya.The reason is quite simple. Many of the small families staying in urban areas may not be having the facilities for cooking the onam specials. If more people join together even the available utensils will not be sufficient. Some of the people of new generation may not be familiar in preparing the standard Onam curries, like Kalan, olan, etc. These are all the reasons for going to the caterers.

    But in rural areas ready made sadyas are not seen. They still retain their old large sized utensils, and aged people know the modes of preparation.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Not only Sadya, but almost every Onam habits are getting forgotten by Malayalees. There are a few things to be noted. Its a fast moving world, and money is driving almost all. These festivals create oppurtunities for the union of family members often. And then none want to cook or do other activities but having chats. Otherwise no time will be got. So people tend to avoid traditions and celebrate Onam in channels and all. This is the general trend, of course there are exceptions.

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