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    Overexploitation of ornamental fish makes it endangered species

    Kerala is rich in fish bio-diversity. But uncontrolled exploitation makes several species extinct. Of late the ornamental fish species 'Puntius denisonii' has been included in the Red List by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This species of fish is an indigenous ornamental fish locally known as 'Choorakkanni'.

    This small fish is so cute with a colourful strip along its body from head to tail, because of its beauty it is now generally known as 'Miss Kerala'. It has been noticed as an addition to the ornamental family only within last one or two decades. But ever since then our people started to catch this from the wild and export, since it fetched good returns. Now this interference by man has resulted in its near extinction level.

    Luckily our scientists took up the issue and started experimenting on its breeding under laboratory conditions. The attempt got positive results. Young ones of this Kerala beauty are now produced in laboratory and let into the nature which help multiply its production.
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    'Puntius denisonii' is one of the most beautifull fishes and its most attractive part is the coloured strip on its body. Scientists have done a great experiment so as to reduce the extinction of this ornamental fish. As it is now in the verge of extinction, it should be kept protected by the authority. Those scientists have done a great job and they definitely deserve some great benefits for this invention. Best wishes.

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    Thank you for providing a photograph of 'Miss Kerala'. Our Aquaculture Scientists have already succeeded in breeding this species in captive condition. It was a team led by Prof.Anna Mercy of Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, Kochi.
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