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    Onam 2014 - Share your thoughts

    Onam the most longed and awaited festival for all Keralites is at our foot steps. Pookalam (flower carpet), onam feast and the reincarnation of Mahabali are some of the undying memories associated with the auspicious onam festival which remain in our memories all throughout.

    This Onam season we should contribute much to our site too as during this period there are wide search for Onam related topics. So all members are invited to share their views about onam and also to put forward new ideas on what type of articles could be posted.

    On getting your feedbacks various contest with good rewards will be conducted in coming weeks.
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    It is a great opportunity for the members to post articles related to Onam. I think members can post articles on Onam Celebrations, New Onam Pookkalam, Onam Movies and Onam Recipes.

    If you are living outside India, one can share their Onam memories or celebrations. Onam Special dishes and its preparation methods would drive more traffic. Hoping that SpiderKerala would come up with some innovative contests to boost the members.

    Riyan Philip
    Lead Editor

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    Ormakku peraanithonam
    poorva nerinte niravaanithonam
    ormikkuvaan enthenkilum venamenna
    vaakkinte niravaanithonam

    Onam always brings the memories of the celebrations which left from us. Now a days the onam celebrations are limited in front of televisions. some clubs and organizations organize some artificial onam. Those will not be comparable to those days where we had real pookkalams in each house, onam sadhya, thiruvathira etc.

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    Posting recipes relating to onam on SPK would be of great help to the site as it could gather more readers. Do tell your suggestions.

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    Onam related topics are now key for the site. Posting articles on new offers put forward by different companies during this year's Onam season can be worth. Many electronic items and other home products have great offers now. So i invite our members to burst out all they have related to new offers in this forum. Thank you.

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    We can also have Onam games,which one use to play during Onam. Any special memory of Onam like, family get-together etc.

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    Members, come forward with some activities that can done in our site during Onam. Your small thoughts may change the face of spiderkerala this season.

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    Onam is always a weakness as far as a Malayalee is concerned. Where ever he is at this time he will join the celebrations available there.

    In Kerala these days people throng into markets to buy several items including new dresses for every members of the family. Working class get their bonus pay at this time or certain groups- including Government servants- get advance salary which they spent before Onam.

    Thus these days Onam celebration has become somewhat market oriented.In earlier days the Onam in Kerala had a genuine rural touch, since people were more or less depending on agriculture activities and their income was based on that. Several rural entertainments were then which were the enjoyment for all in the families.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Onam pookalam picture given below.

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    Onam, the first thought that comes to my mind is the fun nd frolic associated with onam. I come from Uttar Pradesh, there the celebration of Onam is in a whole different manner. Before coming to Kerala I didn't even knew that approx of 10 day holiday was given for Onam. Where I lived we malayaliess over there had a small samajam called "Kairalee Samajam" it consist of all the keralites living over there. Onam has a special place in each one of us. Over there we only get an half day leave for Onam, it was a little depressing but still, we longed for that. On the day of Onam we got an early leave from our schools, the happiness in our minds are unaccountable, my keralite counterparts and I would rush to our homes to get changed to the new dresses that were bought as part of Onam cellebration. We all eagerly gathered in our samajam's hall, its a big hall with a grand stage. It was the venue of our Onam cellebration, when we reach there we witness the beautifully decorated pookalams that are prepared by children, after that there are lots of games which are arranged for all starting from the smallest to the eldest. Different games like tug of war, bombing the city, passing the parcel and many more are conducted and many gifts ate also given. We also have an inauguration program in which famous personalities are invited as chief guests, Onam related dance and song competition are also conducted and the prize for the best pookalam is also awarded. After all this comes the highlight of the day the Onam sadhya (Onam feast) we have all sort of dishes and delicious food which is served to all on banana leaves. After all this there are one or two rounds of Bingo and cash prizes are alloted for the winners starting fron 5000 rupees. Then we all merrily return to our homes and tune to any malayalam channel and watch the movies featuring on the occasion. It may not sound very interesting to all but for us it is one of the best day in our lives.

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    As the Onam is near it is also a time when the Onam related searches increase. The main search is various Pookkalam designs. During these periods several Pookkalam competitions are held in our schools and localities. So people mainly children search for various Pookkalam designs. So i think the members can select some best works of Pookkalam and post it here in SPK. This can be very helpful in drawing more readers to SPK.
    Also during this period searches related to different games played during Onam also increases. Thus i think we can add articles or forums related to these games also providing a description of how to play it. This i believe can attract a lot of readers.
    Thus i hope that during these Onam days we serve more to SPK and making it helpful to others.


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    Poovili poovili ponnonamayi
    Nee varu nee varu ponnona thumbi
    Ee pooviliyil moham ponnin muthayi mattum
    Poovayalil nee varu bhagam vangan

    Poo kondu moodum ponnum chingathil
    Pullankuzhal kattathadum chembavin padam
    Inne koyyam nale chennal atham chithira chothi
    Pon nellin ponmala pomutam thorum
    Nee varu nee varu ponnola thumbi
    Ee pooviliyil moham ponnin muthayi mattum (poo vili poo

    Marivilmala mana poonthoppil
    Mannin swapna poomalayil pamba theerathil
    Thumba pookkal nandhyar vattam
    Thechi chembarathi
    Pookalam paridum poomuttam thorum
    Nee varu nee varu poovalan thumbi
    Ee pooviliyil moham ponnin
    Muthayimattum (poovili poovili)

    onam every person going our beautiful nostalgic

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    I think recipes, Onam related unique SMS messages and short poems etc can bring in more traffic. People will be looking around to find out unique messages to wish their near and dear ones. Another option is to write about how to make the Onam day or rather the vacation a memorable one.

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