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How to display an image using IMG tag

You should use the HTML tag "IMG" to display images in web pages.


<img src="" alt="Some text related to the image" style="padding:5px" align="left" >

The above html will display the image specified in the "src" attribute.

You can optionally specify the text title using the "alt" attribute, which will be shown when a user move the mouse over the displayed image.

The "padding" attribute within the "style" specifies that there should some 5 pixel gap between image and the next element like text in the page.

"align" attribute specifies whether the image has to be aligned left, center or right.

Tips & rules

1. In the "src" attribute, do not link to images in other sites. Such linking is called "hard linking". In most cases, it is illegal to do hard linking. In some cases, other sites allow you to do hard linking, but that is a trick. After few years, they will either delete those images or convert those images to advertisements which will mess up our site.

If you are using an image in our site, make sure the image is attached in our site. You should link to images in our site and not any other sites.

2. Do not specify width and height attributes for an image. Instead, resize the image before you upload.

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