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Restrictions on links to other websites

We do not encourage posting links to external websites, except to other government websites and reputed educational institution websites.

Posting content for the purpose of promoting other sites are strictly not allowed.

Links to external websites

You are welcome to link to any college/university/school/government websites as and when required.

If you need to mention any other external page, you should mention it as a simple url in your content instead of making it a clickable link.

Always use target="_blank" attribute when creating a link to external websites, including institute websites.

Also, the anchor text of the links should be the website name or institute name or the words like "this link" etc. Using keywords as anchor text is not allowed when you link to external websites. However, when you link to internal sites, you should use keywords as anchor texts.


Visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> 

Visit <a href="" target="_blank">this link</a> 

Not Good:
Visit <a href="" 
target="_blank">Jawaharlal Nehru University</a>

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