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Use proper title for your resources

Title is one of the most important factors for successful online content writing. It is very important for several factors:

1. 80% of the people decide whether to open the page or not just by looking at the title. So, if you have an attractive, meaningful title, the chances of getting readers for your post are much higher.

2. Search engines determine whether to show a post in search results or not depending the keywords found in the title (along with few other factors). So, if you can embed the commonly searched terms/phrases (related to the content) in your title, that will make a huge difference in getting search traffic to your posts.

3. Include "How ", "What ", "When " etc in the title, if applicable.

4. Make the title descriptive enough to summarize the subject of the article in a few words. Try to include the core keywords of the topic into the title.

5. Always use a meaningful sentence as the title and do not simply use few words separated by comma etc. Do not repeat few phrases in title to get traffic for multiple keywords. Such tricks may work in the short term and get some quick traffic from search engines, but the anti-spam system of the search engines will eventually find out that it is just keyword spamming and will penalize the site.

6. Ideal length for the title is 8 to 12 words. Never exceed 15 words in the title, unless the words are too short.

7. The title should reflect what the post is all about.

8. Think about what do most people will search in Google when they want to find your article. Use those terms and phrases as in the title.

9. Title should not include the pipe symbol (|) or other special characters.

10. Do NOT write everything in capital letters.

11. Do NOT start every word in the title with capital letter.

12. You should write the first letter of the title in capital letter. Also, the first letter of every noun or name in the title should be capital letter.

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