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Too short description is not acceptable

Descriptive content is the key to get traffic. Search engines look at the title and content in a page to determine whether to show it in search results or not.

It is very important to use proper self written description for posts in all sections of this site. Some sections like photo gallery, videos etc may need only 3-4 lines of description since the primary content of that page is image or video.

But sections like resources, jobs, reviews etc should be primarily composed of descriptive content.

In resources section, there should be a minimum of 25 well constructed sentences in each resource.

In some rare cases, short articles may be accepted, but that is just an exception and not an excuse to post short resources. Admissions announcements, exam results etc could be as short as 10 self written sentences.

In general, we will reject articles shorter than 25 sentences.

If your post is moved to pending state for the reason 'Too short description', edit your post and add more descriptive text.

If you have images in your post, the post may look bigger, but they may not be really big enough to be approved. We do not count images while assessing the length of the resource.

Simply adding useless lines of text to make the description will not be acceptable.

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