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Use keywords in the headings to optimize it for search engines

Consider you are writing a long article about 'mangoes'. You may want to organize it in to few paragraphs with headings.

The following are examples of some typical headings used in printed media for an article about mangoes:

Where to buy?
How to grow?

The above headings do not include the keywords and adds no value to the online content. They are okay for printed media, but not for online content since in case of online content, traffic has to come from search engines which depend on keywords to find good posts.

An article about 'mangoes' should use the word 'mangoes' wherever possible, which include title, summary, description, paragraph headings etc.

You may rewrite the paragraph headings as shown below to include the keyword within the heading:

Benefits of Mangoes
Disadvantages of Mangoes
Where to buy mangoes in India?
How to grow Mango trees?

By including the keywords within the headings, you are telling the search engines clearly that this post is all about mangoes.


- Use the keywords within the headings wisely.

- Do not repeat the keyword for every single heading. Limit it to the most optimal headings.

- Think about the phrases that most people will search. Try to use that phrase in the headings, if that makes sense.

- Do not abuse the keywords and avoid keyword spamming. Use the keywords in the headings only if it makes sense.

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