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How to use affiliate links in your articles

We are revising our policies regarding using affiliate links in your articles. Read the instructions carefully before you use affiliate links in any of the articles in this site.

This is a revenue sharing website and we pay cash rewards to members for publishing articles in this website. In addition to the cash payment for the articles, we do share 90% of the AdSense revenue generated from their articles to the authors.

If you are not interested in earning cash benefits from your articles, you can join our affiliate earning program. Using affiliate links considered as special cases and not everyone may be allowed to use affiliate links. We reserve the rights to remove or replace affiliate links in the articles.

General guidelines on using affiliate links:

1. Our regular authors who get paid for their articles are not allowed to use affiliate links in their articles. If you like to place affiliate links, you must use a separate account in this site to post articles with affiliate links. We will not pay any cash credits to such articles and no cash payment will be issued to those user accounts. Your only earnings will be from affiliate links and from Google AdSense if you are using AdSense here.

2. In order to use affiliate links, articles should be unique and very good quality. Short and common topics written only for the purpose of affiliate links will not be allowed.

3. Each article must be atleast 1,000 words to qualify for the use of affiliate links.

4. Affiliate links to sell any products that are in violation of Google AdSense policies and general webmaster guidelines are not allowed. For example, sale of weapons, adult materials, sex related products, drugs, illegal products etc are not allowed.

5. You cannot use direct affiliate links in the article, except Amazon affiliate links. Instead, you must generate a short redirect url using our "shortcuts feature". The shortcuts feature will allow you to generate an internal url using your affiliate links. You have to embed this redirect url in the articles instead of the direct link to the affiliate product. When someone click on this shortcut, they will be redirected to the actual affiliate link and you will get credits for the affiliate sales.

6. Excessive use of affiliate marketing is not allowed. You should limit the use of affiliate links to contextually relevant content and in a manner that adds value to the content.

7. Affiliate ads using "scripts" are not allowed. You can use only text or image affiliate links. In either case, the linked url should be generated using our shortcuts feature (except for Amazon affiliate links).

8. Affiliate links are allowed only in the articles and the answers in the "Ask Experts" sections. Answers should be descriptive, valuable and relevant to allow affiliate links.

9. We reserve the right to delete/modify articles with affiliate links at any time if we feel it is negatively affecting our site's reputation or search engine ranking.

How to get started?

If you like to publish articles here with your affiliate links, here are the steps:

1. Register as a member
2. Submit your article. Embed your affiliate link in the article
3. Wait for review by editors. Every article is manually reviewed by editors before it is published. Only high quality, custom written articles will be approved and published.

If you have any questions, please connect with our webmaster Tony John.

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