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What are points?

In this article, I will explain what are the points given for posts, how it works, how points are useful, how to earn points etc,

What are points?

Points are virtual rewards you receive for various activities in the site, according to the merit of the activity.

How to earn points?

Here are some examples of different ways you can earn points:

1. Post content in any section of this site. For all content you post in various section of this site will earn some points depending on the quality of the post.

2. Refer your friends. When your friends join this site using your referral link, you will get some points (along with referral bonus money). When those members go higher levels, you will keep getting additional points and more referral bonus.

Relation between points and cash credits

Points and cash credits are not the same. But in many sections, when we award
points, we will give cash credits as well.


1. Cash given to posts may not be equal to the points. Points are based on the quality of the post and cash is based on the revenue potential of the post. If the post has higher chances of getting visitors for this site, we may give higher cash for them. If your is really great but has no potential to bring traffic and revenue to this site, it may not get much cash.

2. Not all posts will get points. If your post is too small or very poor quality, then we may not give any points at all.

What can you do with points?

Points are added to your profile and show your level of participation in this site. Member levels are determined based on the points. When you earn higher points, your member level will go higher. Members with higher points are respected by other members and editors of this site.

You may use some of your points send virtual gifts to other members to show your appreciation to them for various help or guidance you get from them or simply to wish them a "Happy Birthday" and send other greetings. When you send a virtual gift to another member, the recipient will receive points equivalent to the value of the gift you chose. Equivalent points will be deducted from your points.

What are negative points?

In order to maintain the quality of this site, we sometimes give a small punishment to mis behaving members in the form of negative points. This can happen when a member repeatedly violates rules or post spam to this site. If the negative points are given for a specific bad post, it will be displayed in the specific content page.

Total Points

The total points of a member are calculated by adding up all points earned by a member from all contribution in this site. In case of new members, the total points are automatically recalculated and updated when they login to the site. In case of senior and active members, we have optimized this expensive recalculation and will happen only when member choose "Re calculate my points" feature from their account management page.

Follow the steps to re calculate your total points:

1. Click on your name in the leftbar. It will take you to the "Manage My Account" page.

2. Click on "Re calculate my points" link in that page. After you click on it, the total points will be recalculated and the link will be disabled temporarily to avoid multiple clicks.

Default Points for posts

When you post content in any sections, our system will automatically assign some points. However, every post in the site is reviewed by editors within 1 to 5 days. When editors review the posts, they will ignore the default points and will manually assign the points based on the quality of the post. If your posts are of poor quality, the points assigned by editors will be lower than the default points and then you will see reduction in your total points after your posts are reviewed.

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