Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary

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This article is all about the Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary, the wildlife here, attractions, entry fee, accommodation in parambikkulam etc.

About Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary is known as the ‘natural ecosysytem' which lies in the southern range of Western Ghats. The area of the sanctuary is about 285 sq km. The rare varieties of medicinal plants, orchids and fauna are a real asset to this sanctuary. There are about 50 varieties of medicinal plants, 285 species of animals, 1408 species of plants and 81 varieties of Orchids are fond here. The best time to watch this sanctuary is from the months of August to February. The tourist authorities of Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary is also offering many packages for the tourists.

History of Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary was known as Sungam Forest Reserve in the earlier times. The place was full of plantations of teak since 1921 to 1983. The tram way was constructed along the forests of Parambikkulam in 1907. The Sungam Forest Reserve was declared as Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary in 1962 based on P.Narayanan Nair's plan. The upliftment of the sanctuary again took place in 1973 and it was administratively reorganized in 1985.

The Exotic Wildlife of Parambikkulam

The wildlife of Parambikkulam is very rich with Animals, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Insects, Amphibians, Fishes, Butterflies and plants. This ecosystem contains 39 species of mammals, 16 species of Amphibians, 268 species of birds, 61 species of reptiles, 47 species of fishes, 1049 species of insects and 124 species of butterflies. Among the animals, we can see many tigers, leopards, cheetas, Indian wild dogs, bisons, monkeys etc. The sanctuary is also a tiger reserve. The flora of Parambikkulam is very famous for its exotic species of Orchids. The wildlife itself is a prime attraction to see in Parambikkulam.

Attractions in Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from its rich wildlife, there are many special attractions available in Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. Kannimara Teak is one among them. This teak is one of the largest teak trees in the present world. For the local tribal people, this tree is a sign of worship and there are many myths related to this tree. This tree also got an award known as Mahavriksha Puraskar from the government of India.

Tram way in Parambikkulam is another attraction here. This will surely be an enjoyable journey though the green forest amidst of beautiful streams. The tram way cover about 49.5 miles. The tram way of Parambikkulam is divided into three sections; the first is starting from Chalakudy to Anapantham, covering a distance of 21 miles. The second was from Kavalai to Pothupara covering a distance of 6 miles. The third one is from Komalapara up to Chinnar which covers about 22.5 miles.

Modern Nature Interpretation center is also an attraction here. Those who want to know more about Kerala, Western Ghats, Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary can visit this center and clear your doubts. There is also a bird interpretation center nearby which is known as Salim Ali Bird Interpretation Centre. This will help you about studying the birds seen in Western Ghats. Salim Ali Art Gallery is also an interesting feature here. This gallery contains an explicit collection of Salim Ali's photographs starting from his childhood.

The Shola Forest, Valley View Point and the Lake View Point are some of the authentic examples of natural innocence. These are the perfect places to extract the beauty of nature. Parambikkulam Dam, Thunakadavu Dam, Karimala Gopuram are some of the near by attractions.

Eco-tourism in Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary

The tourism authorities of this wildlife sanctuary is also favoring for eco-tourism. These include many eco-tourism packages which include trekking, night halt packages, nature education, jungle camps, day packages etc.

Trekking :- Trekking include Cochin State Forest Tramway Trek and Kariyanshola Trail.
The former include a trekking for 2 days. The day 1 is from Parambikkulam to Muthuvarachal (stay at Muthuvarachal). Day 2 is the return from Muthuvarachal to Parambikkulam Dam. The Kariyanshola Trail include a trail through the exotic evergreen forests of Parambikkulam amidst of the splendor of Orchids and medicinal plants.

Night Halt Packages :- The package include full moon census, peep through watch towers and Thellikkal night packages

Nature Education Packages :- This include many nature education camps which are free and also some paid ones. Hornbill watching is another thrilling feature of this camp.

Jungle Camps and Day Packages :- The jungle camps include tented niche and Veettikunnu Island nest. The day packages include Parambi Cruise, Eco-meditation and Tribal Symphony. It is sure that this eco-tourism package will provide you some unforgettable moments in your life.

Ecocare Centers

You can contact the Ecocare Centers of Parambikkulum if you wish to do Eco-tourism packages. For all eco-tourism activities and reservation you can contact:
Ecocare Centre,
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary,
Anappady, Thunakadavu (PO),
Pollachi (Via), Palakkad, Kerala – 678 661.
Ph : 04253 – 245025

Informations for the Visitors

Location: The Sanctuary is lying between 76° 35' and 76° 50' East longitudes and 10° 20' and 10° 26' North latitudes. The sanctuary was located in Chittur Taluk of Palakkad district in Kerala state. But it is easy to reach from Tamilnadu.

Access: The sanctuary is accessed only through roadway. It is about 95 kms from Palakkad and 100 kms away from Coimbatore. The nearest town is Pollachi in Tamilnadu which is 39km away from the sanctuary. There is no straight access to the sanctuary from Kerala, it can be reached only touching Tamilnadu boarder. The only road leading to the sanctuary is Ambrampalayam-Parambikkulam road passing through Tamilnadu.

Tips for the Tourists :
Roadway Available: Palakkad-100kms, Coimabatore-84kms, Pollachi-38kms
Nearest Railway Station: Palakkad-100kms, Coimabatore-84kms
Nearest Medical Facility: Primary Health Centre, Parambikkulam (0 km), Private Poly Clinics, Vettaikaranputhur (23 km)
Nearest Fuel Pump: Vettaikaranputhur (23kms)

Bus Timings (TNSTC)
From Pollachi- 6.15 am & 3.15 pm
Parambikkulam to Pollachi- 8.45 am & 5.45 pm
Pollachi to Topslip- 11.20 am
Topslip to Pollachi- 1.00 pm

Visiting Hours and Entry Fee
Visiting Hours: 7.00 am to 6.00 pm
Entry Fee:
Adults: Rs.10.00
Children below 12 and Students: Rs.5.00
Foreigners: Rs.100.00
Camera: Rs.25.00
Video film: Rs.150.00
Heavy Vehicles – Rs.150.00
Light Vehicles- Rs.50.00
Other Vehicles - Rs.20.00

Accommodation Facilities

1. Tented Homes at Anappady- 14 beds (7 tents)
2. Veettikunnu Island Inn- 6 beds
3. Treetop Hut, Thunacadavu- 2 beds
4. Treetop Hut, Parambikulam- 2 beds
5. Elephant valley home, Parambikulam- 6 beds
6. Bison valley Home, Parambikulam- 6 Nos
7. Sambar Machan (Kuriarkutty)- 5 Nos.
8. Peacock Machan (Vengoli)- 5 Nos.
9. Cheetal Machan (Anakkal)- 5 Nos.
10. Thellikkal IB - 8 beds
11. LTM House- 6 beds
12. Bay Owl Shed (Bagapallam)- 5 Nos
13. Tahr shed (Vengoli)- 5 Nos
14. Cane Turtle Shed (Thuthanpara)- 5 Nos.
15. Tiger Hall, Parambikulam- 20 Nos
16. Masheer Dormitory, Anappady- 40 Nos.
14. Salim Ali Study centre- 10 Nos

Contact Address

Wildlife Warden
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary,
Anappady, Thunakadavu (PO),
Parambikulam – 678 661,
Palakkad Dist., Kerala State.
Ph : 04253 – 245005

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