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This is an article about the historic place of Lokanarkavu, attractions in Lokanarkavu, meditation prctices in Lokanarkavu, yoga practices in Lokanarkavu, kalarippayattu in Lokanarkavu, siddha samaj etc.

About Lokanarkavu

Lokanarkavu is one of the irremovable thread in the heroic histories of Kerala. It is the home place for the legends of Northern Ballads like Thacholi Othenan, Unniyarcha, Thacholi Ambu etc. The name Lokanarkavu is derived from the word 'Lokamalayarkavu'. In this 'lokam' means world, 'mala' means mountain, 'aaru' means river and 'kavu' means forest. Combining the whole words, Lokamalayarkavu means a world made up of mountains, rivers and forests. The place is located in Calicut district near Vadakara. Generally there will be an array of tourists in Lokanarkavu who wants to explore the legendary histories of Kerala and also for practicing some martial arts like Kalarippayattu etc.

What to see in Lokanarkavu

Lokanarkavu is famous for its temple known as 'Lokanarkavu Temple'. This temple was the home temple for the heroes of the Northern Ballads which mainly include the 'Thacholi'family. The temple is generally a Durga temple having adjacent shrines of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The temple has an age of over 1500 years and is famous for ancient traditional architecture of Kerala. We can also see some wood carved structures also.

The festivals in the Lokanarkavu temple are another prime attraction here. These include Mandala Utsavam and Poorakkali. Mandala Utsavam is a 41 day long event and so a peculiar one. The interesting feature about this festival is a special dance form known as Thacholikali. There will be a rush of the devoties in times Poorakkali. This consists of many ritual artistic forms.

The 'Muthappan Mala' is also a prime attraction near Lokanarkavu. The place is also a pilgrimage center. 'Muthappan' is a Hindu deity and it is believed that he is residing on 'Muthappan Mala'. The sight seeing in Muthappan Mala is also an attracting feature. It will create such a mood that we are standing on a hill station. The whole view of Vadakara City is seen from Muthappan Mala. Payam kutti Mala is also a similar place near Lokanarkavu.

Yoga and Meditation Practices in Lokanarkavu

Sidha Samajam: Sidha Samajam near Lokanarkavu is another tourist destination. Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa was the founder of this samaj. Here we can find many saints following the principles and theory of Siddha vidya or simply pranayama. This is an ideal place which teaches about meditation techniques through its holy books namely Siddha Veda which is written based on pure science. The 18 principles in the Siddha Veda reveals about the practices of Yoga and meditation through 'Moksha Soothram'. The book was based on the real experiences of Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa. Many tourists from different parts of the world are visiting here to do this meditation and yoga practices. The accommodation facilities for the incoming tourists are provided in the Samaj itself.

Kalarippayattu in Lokanarkavu

The place is also a teaching centre of Kerala traditional martial arts like Kalarippayattu which is known as the 'mother of martial arts'. Many tourists from different parts of the world and from India are staying in Lokanarkavu to learn the essence of Kalarippayattu. The masters who teach this item is very well experienced and are mostly the threads of well known Kalari ancestors. The specialty here is that the masters are teaching the Kalari steps in the pure traditional form which they acquire from their ancestors and the teaching cost is reasonable. It is believed that the historical legends of Lokanarkavu like Thacholi Othenen were a master in Kalarippayattu.

The Kalari practices in Lokanarkavu all the Kalari styles specified in the great northern ballads. They are Kuruvancheri Kalari, Kodumala Kalari, Kurongot Kalari, Mathilur Kalari, Mayyazhi Kalari, Melur kalari, Nadapuram Kalari, Puthusseri Kalari etc. The tourists can go according to their choices. The initial days of the practises mainly include Yoga and Meditation so that our body will be prepared to experience the art form. There are many exercises which is termed as Vaithari. Some of them are Kaalkal, Kaikuthipayattu, chumattadi, Meipayattu, Adithada, Ottotharam etc. After doing all these we enter to the main stages of Kalari which includes Meithari, Kolthari, Ankathari and Verumkai. They also provide some body massages. Rather acquiring some fighting techniques, the great thing about this extra ordinary martial is that it makes our body fit in such a way that we get immunity to certain diseases.

How to Reach Lokanarkavu

Lokanarkavu is near Memunda which is nearly 8 kms from Vadakara in Calicut district. The foreign tourists can land on Karippur International Airport and can catch a bus or tourist car to Vadakara. Those who coming by Rail can halt at Vadakara Railway Station. Tourist cars, buses and autorikshas are always available from Vadakara Railway Station. Those who coming by their personal vehicles can have a turn from Nut street, Vadakara and can go via Memmunda- Theekkuni road to approach Lokanarkavu.

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