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Is kerala has been taken mullapperiyar problem as lazy work? (0 votes)Muhammed Hamras k26 Nov 2011
Do you think mullaperiyar dam is in danger situation? (0 votes)Lijo Joseph23 Nov 2011
Do you think UDF will win in the coming bielection in the piravam constituency? (6 votes)Lijo Joseph03 Nov 2011
Do the representatives need a code of conduct ? (2 votes)Nikhil Rajagopalan15 Oct 2011
Kerala lose nothing from KTK's disapproval from BCCI; Sreesanth said, Do you agree with his opinion? (1 votes)Prashob30 Sep 2011
SMS limited to 100 per day; Do you think it is gives any advantage to mobile owners? (4 votes)Prashob28 Sep 2011
Education in Kerala. What is your opinion? (4 votes)AjithKumar.P.S22 Sep 2011
Kochi IPL to Mumbi High Court!! Do you think the Kochi Tusker Kerala will come back in the next season? (3 votes)Prashob21 Sep 2011
Which is the film you like most? (2 votes)shakir19 Sep 2011
Whether Hartal on 19th September 2011,against the increased rate of petrol is relevant? (3 votes)Prashob17 Sep 2011
Do social networks like orkut, facebook, netlog etc mislead our children? (5 votes)Prashob13 Sep 2011
Have Kerala chief whip P.C.George any right to send petition against vigilance judge? (2 votes)Lijo Joseph13 Sep 2011
Are you satisfied with 100 days performance of our UDF government? (3 votes)Lijo Joseph13 Sep 2011
Terrorist Bombing- 11 people died; Is this indicates the carelessness of our central Government? (1 votes)Prashob08 Sep 2011
Do the re-making of Malayalam films to Tamil and Hindi is good? (2 votes)Prashob06 Sep 2011
Whether the 100 day programs of Oomen Chandy Government is a success? (1 votes)Prashob06 Sep 2011
Is computer a necessary device? (1 votes)Arunraj Essar Monish05 Sep 2011
What is the reason for the increasing accidents in Kerala? (3 votes)Prashob04 Sep 2011
Is use of gold an unwanted luxury? (4 votes)Arunraj Essar Monish03 Sep 2011
Should the assets of our ministers kept under survey? (1 votes)Arunraj Essar Monish03 Sep 2011

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