Fenugreek (Uluva/ Vendhyam/Methi) : Uses and health benefits

Fenugreek (Uluva/ Vendhyam/Methi) uses and health benefits are given here. Fenugreek commonly called as Uluva in Malayalam or Vendhyama in Tamil or Methi in Hindi has a lot of medicinal values and can be used as daily does for curing many problems. It is highly recommended for patients with diabetics,arthritis,LDL and many more.It is also advised for lactating mothers for better secretion of milk.

Fenu greek (Trigonella Foenum graecum) is an ancient spice. It has a strong aroma and bitter taste. In Malayalam it is known as uluva and in tamil vendhayam, methi in hindi. Most dishes of Kerala origin have them in common. In small quantity it gives flavor to our food. From ancient times this seed is used as a medicine which continues even now. Galacto gougose which promotes milk secretion is present in this seed. It belongs to pea family and is rich in protein, vitamin C, niacin and potassium and contains main component diosgenin which is similar to oestrogen (female sex hormone) in function.
Fenugreek (Uluva/ Vendhyam/Methi)

  1. Rich in iron: Fenu greek is rich in iron. Iron is a major component of haemoglobin. So this can resist the anaemia.

  2. Diabetes: Fenugreek contains water soluble fibre .This fibre slowdown the digestion and absorption of the carbohydrate.

  3. Cure for skin inflammation: the paste prepared by soaking the fenugreek overnight can act as a cleansing, nourishing and conditioning agents for skin.

  4. Natural cure for heart burn: The musilage present in the seed help to control the gastrointestinal secretion by coating the lining of the intestine and stomach.

  5. Home remedy for fever: Fenugreek taken in the form of an herbal tea can reduce the fever. One more health benefit of the fenugreek herbal tea is it can cure the pain during menstrual cycle.

  6. Promotes milk secretion (act as a galactogogue): It is suggested to breast feeding mother to include fenugreek in their food. The prescribed dosage is the intake of 2-3 capsules thrice in a day. Diabetic allergic woman has to consult expert before taking the dose.

  7. Rich in Calcium: Calcium is an important mineral in our body for the strength of teeth and bones. It is proved that 100 gm. of fenugreek contains 176 mg of calcium. It is advisable to take fenugreek if you are seeking for non-dietary calcium.

  8. Fibre content: It is rich in water soluble fibres. This fibre plays an important role in the metabolism of the glucose. 100 gm. of the seeds provides 65% of the dietary fibres.
  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is the diseases causing inflammation in the joints results in painful immobility and deformation to the bone. It acts as the mimic or replacement for the oestrogen in the treatment for arthritis.

  10. Reduce the level of LDL (Low Density Lipo -protein) : It contain the hormones tannin and pectin this helps to decrease the level of LDL by inhibiting the bile salt reabsorption.

  11. Remedy for hair problems: Direct application of the paste makes your hair shiny, silky and black. Boiled fenugreek soaked in coconut oil overnight helps to reduce hair fall.

Medicinal value of FenuGreek Leaf

Just like seeds, leaves too have a lot of medicinal value. This also can use as part of your dishes. It contains high quantity of minerals and low amount of calories. Methi paratha is a main dish in north India in which fenugreek leaves are the major component. In home we can grow plant in our garden. Once in 15 days we can take the leaf and use it for cooking. Normally it grows 2 feet in height.Fenugreek leafs is used as a remedy for the swelling of body part. Fry the leaf in a pan and bind it in a swelling position. The swelling will decrease.The leaf soup is a best remedy for the burning sensation of stomach.

Method of Preparation of soup

Materials required:
  • Clove - 2 Nos.

  • Brinji leaf – 1

  • Cinnamon - A small piece

  • Cardamom – 1 Nos.

  • Fenugreek leaf- 50 gm.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of the any cooking oil in a pan and add the items from 1-4 mentioned above. Then add two cup of water and allow it to boil. After boiling add the fenugreek leaf in to it and allow it to boil for two minutes. Filter it and serve. This is a best remedy for the burning sensation of stomach. The taste will be little bitter.

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