Perunthenaruvi – Mystic waterfall in central Kerala

Perunthenaruvi is located on the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri Range. Located in the dense forest of Sabarimala, the waterfalls offer a wonderful view to the eyes of the beholder. It is located about 15 kilometres away from the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. It is one of the beautiful and famous waterfalls in the God's Own Country. The waterfall has more girth than height. This is a unique feature in itself. Hence, it offers the best views when seen from some distance.

Peruthenaruvi Waterfall

This located in the dense jungles of sacred Sabarimala hills in the Sahyadri mountain range. The name of this waterfall can be literally translated into "The Great Honey Stream". It is situated in Vechuchira Panchayat in Pathanamthitta district. Located at a distance of 10 kilometres from Erumeli, this waterfall has a unique feature. It is wider than other waterfalls in the region. It does not clear the great heights that other waterfalls in the region jump. The water from waterfalls later unites with the River Pamba. The wider waterfall makes the journey winding through the rock formations and offers spectacular views to the visitors. The waterfall should not be approached closer as the depths near the waterfall are treacherously unclear. While flowing through the rock and the trees, the water brushes past the bright flowers from the bushes and plants giving colour radiance to the fringes. There seems to be a deceptive calm on the water surface, inviting the people to venture in it. But there could be some under current that might pull the venturing people into it. Hence, they should step into the water carefully. This waterfall can be approached easily by following the Athykkayam-Kudumatti-Chenna route. There is good connectivity to the base point. After reaching the base, a trek of 20 minutes would take you to the waterfall.
Perunthanaruvi Waterfalls

Attractions Near Waterfall

People from all over Kerala visit this place as it offers spectacular view when it winds its way through the rocky terrain to reach the plain below before clearing its water into the Pamba River. The water scatters through the rock formation forming a white aura in its neighbourhood. This is matched equally by the thick white lather of the flowing water. The cool atmosphere it provides adds more beauty to the vision. One needs to personally experience the aura of the waterfalls to get the feel of it. The words by any length cannot completely substitute the spectacular vision. In total, the waterfall cascades through a height of 100 feet before mixing with the water. Another view is the point at which the water from waterfall mixes with the river water provides a fascinating view to the eyes of the beholders. While falling through the rocky terrain, the water splits into a number of water droplets. The scattering of light by these spreading droplets offer a beautiful view. There is a group of bees surrounding the waterfalls. One needs to be careful with them. They have transformed the surrounding into the kingdom of beehives. These creatures render a beautiful music to the ears of the visitors.
Flora and Fauna at Perunthenaruvi

Best Time to Visit

The waterfalls can be visited when the sun is not that hot. That is the best time to go and see is between the months of March and August. During this time, the cold breeze flows by the visitor, giving him a soothing and refreshing feeling. This place is quite often visited by nature lovers. The photographers compete with each other in getting the best view of the nature. This place is also frequented by the cupids to enjoy each other's company. Hence, cease the first opportunity and grab your belongings to reach this picturesque location. The slippery rocks demand caution from the visitors. During the monsoon season, the different streams coalesce into a sheet of water that covers the rocky terrain below. Hence, it is not advisable to go near it during the rainy season.
River Stream


Perunthenaruvi is a beautiful waterfall appearing near a place called Erumeli. The exact location is in the Vechachira Panchayat. The rocky terrain majestically extends above and below the waterfall, providing a spectacular view to the visitors. The water from top passes through the small and varied gaps in the rocks to form a number of streams providing the milky white appearance as they go down. Once it approaches the Pamba River below, the water calms down before mixing with it. The water splashing through the sieves of rocks scatter water droplets into the air, giving cool milky white appearance. This offers a spectacular view for the waterfall. This milky white aura blends with the milky white lather formed in flowing water to give all white appearance. One needs to personally go and view this spectacle. The words don't describe with clarity. So, grab your backpack and visit this place to see why it is so popular amongst the visitors from other parts of the country.

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