How effective is Physiotherapy treatment for Pain Relief

Physiotherapy treatment for pain relief
At times, you will be directed to undergo physiotherapy to eliminate joint pain, improve movability, and restore the flexibility of muscles and body parts. Although we have heard the word Physical Therapy aka Physiotherapy, we are not yet familiar with the process. The unfamiliarity leading to confusion and doubt about the efficacy of the treatment method.

It's a known fact that the belief in the doctor and the treatment method will enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. The doubtful approach can have a direct bearing on the outcome. In this article, we will tell you about the physiotherapy methods for different ailments and how effective those are.

Physiotherapy is broadly divided into two, i.e. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and Neurological Physiotherapy. Both have further classifications depending on the areas focussed, age group, and length of the course of treatment. Excellent centers are available for physiotherapy treatment in Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kochi, Palakkad, and many other locations in Kerala.

Physiotherapy for Relieving Pain

Physiotherapy treatment
The physiotherapist can check the area(s) of pain and formulate a procedure to relieve it. The physiotherapy process will include ultrasound treatment, wax bath, electrical stimulation, and manual methods to remove the acute pain from the area. The pain could be due to injury, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle tear, or similar medical conditions. The physiotherapy treatment will majorly depend on the reason for the pain.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Enhancing Body Movement and Flexibility

Of late, people of different ages are observed to have problems with movement, pain, and other similar problems. The unhealthy lifestyle, long hours of sitting while on the job and lack of adequate physical activities have caused this issue. The individual with the said difficulties will be examined thoroughly and the therapist will suggest physiotherapy methods.

Dislodging of limbs and fractures due to accidents and the application of bandage and plaster may also lead to difficulty in movements. The treatment will improve flexibility and movement. Besides, strengthening muscles and joints.

Paralysis Subsequent to Stroke

The partial or complete paralysis from a stroke can be effectively treated through physiotherapy. Ayurveda treatment methods also use physiotherapy to energize brain cells and rejuvenate the body to get the limbs moving. A well-formulated physiotherapy treatment course will enable the body parts to regain strength. Thereby, the patients can manage to move with the support of others initially. Moving on to use sticks and walking independently after a few months of physiotherapy treatment.

Physiotherapy for Patients Requiring Surgery

Some physical ailments will necessitate surgery to remove the problems. The pre-surgery physiotherapy will aid in more effective and productive surgery. Many times, physiotherapy can eliminate the need for surgery. Further, some patients are suggested to undergo physiotherapy post-surgery. It will be beneficial in eradicating the pain and rigidity in the body due to the surgery.

Physiotherapy in Sports

A physiotherapist is an essential part of every sports team. They will direct proven physiotherapeutic methods when the members of the team face sprains, stiffness, muscle catch, and joint dislodgement. Physiotherapy has an important role to play in the treatment of sports-related injuries. This underscores the effectiveness of physiotherapy.

What are the Physiotherapy Treatment Methods for Pain?

Physiotherapy treatment methods
The physiotherapy treatment methods will be organized according to the condition of the patient. It will have a set of methods that will be conducted meticulously by the specialists. Ayurvedic treatment centers in Kerala follow specific medications, massage, and yoga. The Ayurveda doctors will administer oral herbal medicines too.

Physical therapy or physiotherapy generally follows the following steps. The plan of treatment may differ according to the medical center.

Ayurvedic/ Therapeutic Massage – The massage is aimed at reenergizing the weak cells in the affected area and around the body. This will have a direct effect on relieving acute pain.

Manual Therapy – Manual therapy will include kneading, manipulation of muscles, and the massaging of affected areas to mobilize the muscles.

Movement Therapy/ Exercise – The therapist will advise specific exercise methods and movement therapies to improve the blood flow to the painful area. The uninterrupted blood circulation will remove pain from the body part.

Acupuncture – This treatment method, originated in China, is another step followed by some physiotherapists.

Breathing Exercise – Our life clings on the air, invisible to eyes, that goes inside our body through breathing. Controlling your breath means you are controlling your life. As it is known, lack of availability of Oxygen at a particular part of the body is the reason for pain in the subject area. Breathing exercise will help augment the availability of Oxygen around the body.

Posture Correction – Posture can also help get rid of the pains. The therapists will check the problems with your body posture and suggest corrections. Change in body posture itself will have positive impacts.

Is Physiotherapy Treatment Effective for Pain Relief?

Studies and our observations to date indicate that physiotherapy is an effective treatment for pain relief. The treatment plan formulated by well-qualified physiotherapists will help relieve the pain faster than any other treatment method.
The other factor that makes physiotherapy advisable is that it doesn't have any side effects. The painkillers and other medicines prescribed as part of the allopathic treatment will have side effects. Besides, you have to continue consuming the medicines for a longer period. Even then, the cure will be superficial only.
Physiotherapy is more effective in curing the problem at the root level. Therefore, you may not have to undergo treatment repeatedly. Better results have been attracting more people towards physiotherapy.
Consult a physiotherapy treatment center in Thrissur, Kochi, Trivandrum, or any other region in Kerala. It will be effective in relieving the pain and providing you a healthy body.

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