Politics and police

this article is about the recent incidents that occured in Kerala where the state Police were made victims of the cruel interest of the politicians.

This article has got connections with some facts and incidents happened in my state Kerala but I have tried my level best so that every one reading this will understand about those incidents
Starting with, some days before, 6th may 2010, along with news about the capital sentence give to Kasab, the media in kerala were filled by an incident, "The Kinaloor incident"..

One among the most respected media of our country, THE HINDU repots as follows:"Protest against survey for laying four-lane road to industrial park:

CALICUT: About 100 people including policemen were injured in a pitched battle between the police and local people at Kinaloor, 24 km from here, on Thursday after several hundred protesters prevented a team of revenue officials from conducting a feasibility survey for a proposed four-lane road to the KSIDC industrial park located on the Kinaloor industrial park.

The protestors had blocked the road leading to the estate with large boulders and timber logs in the morning when the officials, led by Revenue Divisional Officer K.P. Remadevi, arrived for the survey. Soon a pitched battle broke out between the protestors and the police and women constables were seen dragging women and children from the frontline of the blockade.

The police resorted to a lathicharge to cow down the protestors and they responded by hurling stones at the police. Several protestors including women and at least one child were injured in the lathicharge. Several policemen sustained injuries in stone-throwing. The police used a grenade and teargas to disperse the crowd. They chased the protestors into nearby houses."

Now, starting with the very basic thing, do any one know what is this satellite park which the state govt is planning to bring about in Kinaloor is all about?? As per the videos seen yesterday, even the above stated K.P.Remadevi don't know what that this is about. I don't consider it as her mistake. I wonder whether the state industry minister Mr.Karim who spoke for hours yesterday on the "brutal incident MADE by the police" hardly knows something on this..

This fact about the great political leaders knowing very deeply on contracts and papers which they signed reminds me of Smart city which the Keralites must not have forgotten.. That was of great help for the present govt to come into power and after entering into power, they surely WORKED for it.. You know what??? Nothing other than disturbed many families and renderd them landless in the name of taking land for the proposed site and where is that project now?? In the arabian sea?? huh??And who became SMART?? None other than the nasty politicians of the state who got into power plus snatched crores from our treasury in this name..

Going back to the topic, who were the people who protested against the survey?? An average Indian can guess that it was not the local people who threw or who planned to throw stones against the police.. And hereby, i correct a piece of information from The Hindu. It was not like police started lathi charge and people threw stones but people threw stones and police started lathi charge.. And, even Karim agreed that there were some political powers behind the throwing of stones.. Who was that?? Was it the opposition party to block the developmental program of the ruling party or was it the ruling party itself to stop the project which they feared won't take place practically and hoped that they could save their face for the next 11 months for which they will be in power since they are damn sure that they won't come back in power after that?? These are the simple doubts of a "STUPID COMMON MAN"..

And what happens is always the police is made responsible or is forcefully made to take the responsibility of such incidents..And in the coming days, we may even see a suspension, may be to some police officer present there, in order to save the most ugliest face of our state...of our govt. What should have the police done other than lathi charge to get the people dispersed when their lifes were at risk...that too with many women in their group?? Just have a look of these photos taken from there.. at this link,

When they saw some members among them getting attacked by a large gang of people, they did it to save their life which could anyway be justified. And to the politicians: if you are blaming the police for having did so just to get sympathy and support of people and increase your vote banks, understand that atleast a few people are here who understands the basic intentions behind your actions.

And taking you to one more incident..
Have heard the place "MUTHANGA" in wayanad??

Briefly to that incident, reports say :

"It was in the early morning on the 19 February 2003 that a potentially volatile series of events reached its bloody crescendo. For forty-five days a group of around 2,000 activists from the AGS encroached upon, and occupied a stretch of the protected Muthanga range in the north-east corner of the state. They declared self-rule in the area, started cultivation for a living, and restricted entry to non-tribal people into the new settlement.

Muthanga, established in 1973 to protect the natural habitat of Asiatic elephants, has sanctuary status, with human settlements prohibited. But despite pressure mounting from environmental groups, the government took no action until six weeks after the adivasis occupation, allegedly entering the forest only when a fire developed near the AGS site. The cause of the fire has yet to be established but, as the intervention began, investigating officers were taken captive and held for a harrowing night in tribal custody. Tensions grew further the following morning as local people gathered and faced a crowd of activists armed with sharpened sticks, bows, arrows, knives and sickles. The police, realising that the issue could not be ignored any longer, decided to step in with force. It was at this time that adivasis captured one forest official, and one policeman who later died from injuries inflicted by his captors. One member of the AGS was reported dead, although human rights activists have suggested that up to twenty were killed when the police opened fire."

But, according to the witnesses, the incident follows as: the adivasis took a police officer to their custody. They kept him in their hand for a long time and killed him brutally in front of his fellow officers who could not hold silent any more.. Without waiting for any confirmation order from any stupid beauruecrat, they fired at adivasis.. If it was me who was supposed to give the order for firing, i should not have stopped it until the last man who was responsible for my colleague's death is dead.. And here too, the full responsibility was put on police.

My dear friend, think!!! Was police the only responsible people in both these cases?? With a lot many pressures and these pity political plays around them, what should have they done else?? Actually, they are forcefully made responsible in all such similar cases though some happens by mistake..And we all blame them without knowing facts.. And who all are these "human activists"?? Those people gain out this.. The tribal leader C.K.Janu was the only one among them who gained out of this just because she well knew how to play.. I have no relatives in police... Rather i'm not against politics.. But, being a proud citizen of this country, i could no more sit silent. That was the soul intention behind this blog...


NB: I have tried my level maximum to include facts only. Despite some errors must have crept in. This is just my opinion on the incidents.. If it hurts any one's feelings, then, i'm extremely sorry.

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