Kerala University 1st Year B.A. Degree Examination, March 2009Main Paper – I Poetry

Kerala University First Year B.A. Degree Examination, March 2009. Part – III : ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Main Paper – I : Poetry

First Year B.A. Degree Examination, March 2009


Main Paper – I : Poetry
(2006 Admn. onwards)
(Common for Improvement)

Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100

I. Annotate any five of the following passages :

1) Look, and tomorrow late tell me
Whether both the Indias of spice and mine
Be where you leftest them, or lie here with me.
2) The paths of glory lead but to the grave.
3) Be thou, spirit fierce,
My spirit, Be thou me, impetuous one
4) Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
Are sweeter : therefore, ye soft pipes, play on.
5) The instant made eternity –
And heaven just prove that I and she
Ride, ride together, forever ride ?
6) Players and painted stage took all my love,
And not those things that they were emblems of.
7) Earth's the right place for love :
I don't know where it is likely to go better.
8) How can I face such slaughter and be cool ?
How can I turn from Africa and live ? (5×4=20 Marks)

II. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

Who wouldnot sing for Lycidas ? he knew
Himself to sing, and build the lofty rhyme.
He must not float upon his watery bier
Unwept, and welter to the parching wind,
Without the meed of some melodious tear.
Begin then, Sisters of the sacred well,
That from beneath the sea of Jove doth spring,
Begin, and somewhat loudly sweep the string.
1) Who is Lycidas ?
2) What does 'watery bier' refer to ?
3) Explain 'melodious tear'.
4) Who are 'the Sisters of the sacred well' ?
5) Who is Jove ? (2×5=10 Marks)

III. Write on any five of the following, each in a paragraph of about eighty words :

1) The digressions in 'Lycidas'.
2) How is Gray's 'Elegy' different from other elegies ?
3) Consider 'Kublakhan' as an allegory of poetic faculty.
4) What leads to the spiritual sublimation of the lover in 'Last Ride Together'
5) Trace the progression of 'Birches' from simplicity to wisdom.
6) Comment on the uniqueness of the poem 'Tonight I can Write the Saddest
7) What is the theme of 'Woman's Song' ?
8) Comment on the use of humour in 'Hatred'. (5×4=20 Marks)

IV. With reference to 'Tintern Abbey Lines' trace the various stages in the evolution of Wordsworth's attitude to Nature.
Consider 'The Circus Animals' Desertion' as a lament on the loss of poetic faculty.
(1×20=20 Marks)

V. 'Home is a Concept' is a poem on the hunger for love' – Discuss.
Examine 'In the Secular Night' as a reflective poem on the loss of spirituality.
(1×20=20 Marks)

VI. Write on any two of the following, each in a paragraph of about eighty words

1) Pathetic fallacy
2) The epic
3) Rhythm as a vehicle of poetic feeling. (2×5=10 Marks)

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