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Why the result of Kerala Election, 2011 has come the way it has come?

The assessment of the entire media was almost unanimous in declaring the result as to be the magic effect of Sri V S Achuthanandan and his uprightness and crusade against corruption. Is it so? The media persons like most of the so called intellectuals do not want to take pains to analyze and come to conclusions. They wanted to complete the task of analysis by going through the superficial symptoms and arrive at the conclusions and give it to the public for their lapping up the same.

Kerala Assembly Elections, 2011 Results – a different outlook

There are several points to be considered for the analysis of the 2011 election results:

In fighting in the fronts:

One factor to be taken into account is that both the fronts have the opposition within and outside. The maximum problem is from the opposition within. It is a oneupmanship over the rivals. So whoever is in Government seat has to waste major portion of the time and energy to combat the opposition within. In the last Government also this aspect was there very much. As soon as Achuthanandan came to power, he first wanted to settle score with the Pinarayi group. So he started with fanfare some measures like the raising of lavleen issue, the encroachment issue of high ranges etc. This was really catching up with the imagination of people. Later he realised it was counterproductive or came back to the usual complacent track till the General election was to be announced. Before the election was to be announced he again came into aggressive mood and pretended to be a sincere crusader against corruption by raking up the issues of Ice Cream Parlor, CVC recommendations etc. The people of Kerala and throughout the country are accustomed with the tricks of both the fronts and all the parties.

Anti Incumbency Factor:

In Kerala and Tamilnad till now there is the tendency of alternating the 2 major fronts in every election. In Kerala this time it was the turn of the UDF to come to power. This was reflected in the Lok Sabha and the Panchayath elections. However, the 2 G scam, CVC appointment bungling, price rise of vegetables, essential commodities and fruits, the rising of the prices of petroleum products many times during one year itself all made the people to rethink about bringing the UDF to power as most of the parties at the center and the main one itself is same.

Lethargy of UDF:

Another factor was that from my observations of parts of Thrissur, Wadakkancheri, Thrithala and Chelakkara constituencies and the day to day media reports about the campaign, it was obvious that by and large the UDF tried to make some effort of canvassing in the towns in a half hearted way and took the attitude of vote us if you want on the whole. The main evidence of their candidates contesting is the small hand bills plastered over the places. This naturally affected the margins of votes and seats. On the contrary the LDF candidates had large size posters of V SA and the candidates throughout the constituencies and where vigorously canvassing for votes. They had been arranging small scale meetings before the bigger meetings of the leaders. This explains the attendances of people in the meetings of the leaders of the two groups. The UDF meetings were not attended by people as that of the LDF. This was interpreted as an Achuthanandan wave.

Congress Candidate selection and late announcement:

One more factor was the selection and finalization of the candidates for the sets. The Congress party was very slow in finalizing the candidates and the protests from those who were not given tickets were fresh and affected the electorate. The Congress suffered more on this count. In many constituencies either the rebels were also contesting or those did not get tickets and did not contest worked against the official candidates.

Sympathy Factor:

The CPIM played for the sympathy factor of the electorate by making it appear that Achuthanandan is denied ticket and later given under pressure. In the last election this was real and has done some good. But in this election it did not work out. The LDF, after announcement of candidates appeared to be working unitedly under the leadership V S A with the hope that this will bring them back in power. But it was only outwardly.

West Bengal Position:

The Left front with the CPIM as major partner was rattled and shaken out of their wits by the avalanche of the Thrinamul Congress popularity in west Bengal. The all India leadership was so dazed and paralyzed to give any attention to the Kerala unit and left it to fend for itself.

V S A's preach and practice:

Mr Achuthanandan also has contributed by his performances and utterances during his tenure. Most of us will be remembering his visit and comments at late Sandeep Unnikrishnan's (martyr of 26/11 Mumbai) house at Bengaluru and some similar but milder remarks in Kerala during the election campaign. People assess the persons from what they speak and practice. His son Arunkumar was in controversy over the alleged unnecessary foreign trips and out of the way promotions. The land allotment to the ex military personnel, his relation also is factor for the final result.


We should have the result in favour of the LDF, if the V S A factor was so strong as was projected. According to the media only the V S A meetings were attended by huge crowds, whereas the meetings of UDF, even addressed by the top leaders were thinly attended. This should have reflected in the votes and the LDF should have come with thumping majority instead of losing power.
In spite of the V S A wave, scandals at the central level, the huge price rise, the corruption at local level exposed by V S A the result was not in favour of LDF. The people of Kerala and other states know for whom to vote and they voted accordingly and the result is the result of the election.

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Author: Raj10 Jun 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hello Sir
Many of us are not projecting the clear picture of the Sandeep Unnikrishnana issue. At the time of Incident V.S Was attending part conference in Delhi and all other PB members CPI(M.

He was unable to visit Sandeeps home on the day of meeting, he came day after that, when Media Asked abbot Chief Minister not visiting and the news about his arrival on the next day, Sandeeps Father reacted badly(it can happen after all he the lone son of MR unnikrishnan)

This what Mr Unnikrishnan Said "ഇനി ഒരു പട്ടിയും വരണ്ട ഇവിടെ, വീട്ടിനുള്ളില്‍ കയറാന്‍ സമ്മതിക്കില്ല"

Media Quizzed V.S on Mr Unnikrishnan statement, VS reacted some thing Like this "ഇത് സന്ദ്ദീപ് ഉണ്ണികൃഷ്ണന്റെ വീടല്ലയിരുന്നെകില്‍ ഒരു പട്ടിയും വരില്ലായിരുന്നു"

This statement was blown out of Proportion, by the media and political rival who just want to attack the the veteran Communist, this is still used against the prolific leader.

This is real shame for our state Kerala to project the profile of Freedom Fighter Like V.S. More mediocre thing was in the M.TV program Called "What the F" , the guy who just dont know nothing about the Communist Movements of Kerala were just very much eager to make statements, and say The F word to His statement, its only our state to blame and the the politicians who tried to use the unfortunate incident to their favored

For those who still scream over the issue, please watch this video, no one seems to have made comment on this statements, the man in the video is an MLA now . This was faded out so fast, he was threatening people saying he would Kill those who go to court against the people who killed the School teacher

to Watch these two videos Just type PK Bhasheer Threatening Video in You tube

Author: Ramanathan A R10 Jun 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Mr Raj, I am sorry if I have hurt any other person. I have no intention to hurt anyone. I am fully aware that I am nowhere near to Mr V S Achuthanandan in terms of the contribution made by to the country, state, society and for the movement of the Communism in India at a time when the very name of Communism and communist are treated worse than today's terrorists.

In my schooldays, I had the opportunity to witness the movement by several persons like E M S Nampoodidripad, Paryanampatta Nampoodidri, Vallathol Kumaran and many other activists of various level of the leadership of communism. During those days, Mr Achuthanandan has also struggled hard to propagate communism. I understand that he was jailed many times and he had gone on underground to avoid arrest at other times like many others. He was also brutally assaulted by the authorities along with all who worked for Communism.

I have not stated about Unnikrishnan to denigrate the then C M, the present opposition leader. Mr Achuthanandan was the Chief Minister at that time. A Chief Minister should have some control over himself. Mr Unnikrishnan, Sandeep's father is an ordinary man with only one child who was lost while fighting to protect the lives of Mumbai people, in the terrorists attacks in Mumbai. So the C M should be a little more civil especially when media is covering the incident.

I am only analising the result of the elections and in my way pointing out the undue credit being given to an individual, especially in relation to a communist organisation. As my understanding, the communist movement does not rely on individual/s but on the organisation. I have observed in the earlier days, if the LDF made any person as its candidate in its stronghold, even canvassing may not be required. From that position the situation has changed to that of putting up a Muslim candidate in Muslim stonghold, Christian candidate in Christian area and particular community candidate where that particular community is predominant.

If the analysis is not proper, covering all aspects, against the mistake like whether Achuthanandan or Pinarayi or x, y z is effective and not to depend on the organisation, the organisation will continue to live in a fool's paradise and do harm to the organisation.

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