Effects of Monsoon on Human Skin

Read about the effects of monsoon on human skin. Monsoon is essential for the existence of life on earth. As life is not possible without water, the used up water has to be refilled. This is only possible with falling rain. Huge quantity of water will be stored in ground thus makes life possible on earth

How monsoon effect human skin

During monsoon, the humidity in atmosphere will increase and temperature reduced. The reduced temperature reduces the rate of sweating of body. As the sweating reduced, the process of waste removal through sweat will reduce resulting accumulation of waste in body surface.
As bacterial growth also increase in humid condition, the waste deposit on body surface will become breeding space of bacteria. This bacterial growth will cause itching, rashes and fungal infections on the body. Bacterial infections will be more at wet skin folds like under arm, groin areas and between fingers and feet, especially for those who use shoes throughout.
Scabies is another fungal infection which needs immediate attention as it is contagious and likely to spread between other members of the family. A dermatologist has to be consulted at the earliest.

Symptoms of scabies

Itching feeling which normally intensify during night times followed by rashes on hands, waist, wrist, underarm, abdomen or buttock areas.

Skin care tips during monsoon

Take regular bath.
Use only high quality soaps.
Try to keep skin dry.
Use mild make up.
Avoid using wet clothes.
Wash face, feet with hot water before bed.
Remove all make up before going to bed.

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