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Common Monsoon Diseases | Rainy Season Diseases

Read about the common monsoon diseases and rainy season diseases. Its all about monsoon and and the diseases caused in monsoon and a clear picture of preventing and curing is also given.It do explain the welcoming of monsoon in Kerala.Have a look through this article to know common monsoon diseases or rainy season diseases.

A splash of water to our dry mind after a long sunny period,that is monsoon.We,the Keralites welcome monsoon with a warm heart to fill our wells with those silver drops. Its a time of joy for the small and big. A time to splash with water and play joyful. But does monsoon make us happy always?


Yes,it do have cons. Even though we receive monsoon with a happy heart,the diseases it brings spread a bad effect among all of us. Most of the diseases are caused due to our insufficient care for our body. Proper care and precautions keep us safe.But do we know them perfectly. Well, let me give a brief idea through this article. Most of the diseases in monsoon are caused due to mosquito bite which is a result of mosquitoes breeding in water puddles. These mosquitoes spread diseases like malaria dengue from one another by sucking the blood and injecting to another body.
As a whole, the diseases caused during monsoon are denguemalaria,jaundice, typhoid, cholera etc. Lets go detailed and know more about these diseases.


Nowadays the most common one is malaria. Its caused by a parasite called Plasmodium that infects the red blood cells. Its symptoms include chills,fever and pain. This is a life threatening disease. It is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. There are four types of Plasmodium which cause malaria of which Plasmodium Falciparum malaria is the most deadly one. It is usually infected in children below 5 years of age and the old age. Its other symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, coughing and mild jaundice.When malaria gets chronic, it causes coma,bleeding, kidney failure or may even result in death.

Its treatments depend upon the clinical situation of the patient,that is,for which age it is caused.It is dangerous under the age of 5 years and in pregnant ladies.Malaria should be treated before to gets chronic.


The next common disease is dengue.This is caused by viruses which gets transmitted by mosquito.Fever , rash, headache are the main symptoms of dengue followed by bleeding gums, red soles and palms. Dengue is also known by the name "dandy fever" or "break bone". Aedes Aegypti mosquito is mainly responsible for the transmission of dengue. As dengue is caused by viruses there is no specific treatment for dengue other than proper intake of fluid and food.


Now lets shift the topic to typhoid.This is a disease caused by Salmonella typhi which occurs due to intake of contaminated water and food.The symptoms include high fever, poor appetite,lethargy and so on.Typhoid can be treated with the help of appropriate antibiotics. Chloramphanecol is one of the popular antibiotic but nowadays it has been replaced by other medicines.



Now let me skip the topic to next disease that is cholera.The cause of cholera is Vibrio Cholerae and this is a deadly disease.It effects the small intestine and its incubation period varies from 6-48 hours.It is spread through the contamination of food and water and human faeces.Usually flies are the carriers.


When we have gone through the above topics we have come to know that these are mainly caused by contaminated water and the breeding of mosquitoes.Cant we stop these above factors? Yes we can.
Lets move into some of the precaution that must be taken during monsoon to avoid diseases.
1.Once in a week your nail must be cut so that entering of germs to our body can be avoided.
2.Hand should be washed before eating and after eating,properly.
3Never eat raw vegetables unless it is cooked properly.
4.Spicy and oily food should be avoided.
5.Only drink filtered or boiled water
6.Never allow water to stagnate in mud puddles.
7.Do not eat stale food.
8.Do no defaecate in open and near drinking water source.
9.Try to avoid self medication.

We can hope that we can control diseases to an extent if we take the above precaution.

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