Kerala chicken recipes

Recipes of delicious Kerala chicken dishes.

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Alfaham Chicken Recipe - Kerala Special

Alfaham chicken recipe or Charcoal grilled chicken is a special type of fast food which has achieved popularity to it's zenith in the God's Own Country - Kerala within these days. Read this article to know more about Alfaham chicken recipe.

Malabar chicken curry ingredients and preparation

Malabar chicken curry ingredients and preparation is described here. Kerala is famous in variety of chicken recipes. Malabar chicken curry is one of them. This is a very tasty delicious dish famous in all parts of Kerala. Read this article to know much about the preparation of Malabar chicken curry.

Kadai chicken - Ingredients and preparation

Kadai chicken ingredients and preparation method is described in this article. This is very tasty delicious dish can be prepared easily in the home. Read this article to know about the dish.

Kerala special chicken biryani recipe

Do yoy know who to prepareKerala special chicken biryani? Kerala special chicken biryani recipe is given here. Chicken biryani is one of the favorite recipes for people in Kerala. We know that there are different types of biryani like chicken biryani, vegetable biryani etc. Chicken biriyani is considered as the most delicious among these. Read this article to know the entire tips in the preparation of chicken biriyani.

Steamed chicken kebab recipe - Preparation and history

Steamed chicken kebabs ingredients and preparation are given here. Steamed chicken kebabs are very famous in and around Kerala. People will die to have this unique and tasty dish. This dish will drive you crazy and take you to a spicy and delicious world. This is very easy to prepare and takes very less time to complete.

Hawaiian rice recipe - A delicious main dish

Hawaiian rice is a delicious and mouth watering dish with high nutritional content too. This dish have great demand in south India mainly Kerala. It is a perfect family dish to have during get together. Read this article to know how to prepare the delicious Hawaiian rice dish within no time.

Butter Chicken – Delicious Chicken Recipe

Butter chicken is one of the favorite chicken dishes for its great taste and huge content. Butter is the main ingredient of this recipe. This article reveals all the details to make a delicious Butter chicken in your house. Try it on your own.

How to prepare Kerala chicken spring roll?

Many of the people in Kerala can cook non-vegetarian recipes like chicken cutlet, chicken fry, and chicken fry. But we can try a new recipe with chicken as Kerala chicken spring roll. Do you want to try this dish in your home? Then wait I will help you to prepare Kerala chicken spring roll. You can follow my preparation methods to make crispy spring rolls.

How to prepare Kerala chicken manjurian?

Are you waiting to cook any famous and easy non- vegetarian Kerala recipe for your family? I will suggest Kerala chicken manjurian which is liked by children as well as aged peoples. Do you want to prepare Kerala chicken manjurian? You can prepare Kerala chicken manjurian in your home itself. It is a simple and easy dish.

How to prepare grilled chicken?

Are you waiting to prepare oil less chicken recipe? If yes then the best choice for you is grilled chicken. Grilled chicken is one of the tasty and spicy dishes. Do you want to prepare this grill chicken in your home? You can follow the steps given below to prepare tasty grill chicken.

How to prepare chicken mappas?

Are you searching for tips to prepare chicken mappas? Here I have given some steps to prepare chicken mappas. Chicken mappas is one of the famous non-vegetarian foods in Kerala. It is a spicy and tasty food which you have never tasted anywhere.

Dry Red Chili Chicken – Ingredients and Preparation Methods

Would you like to prepare Dry Red Chili Chicken? Dry Red Chili Chicken is very tasty and spicy recipe which is available in Kerala. Now you can prepare Dry Red Chili Chicken in your home itself. Read here about Ingredients and Preparation Methods of Dry Red Chili Chicken.

Chicken Biryani recipe in traditional style

Here is giving a special Chicken Biryani recipe for all friends. This recipe is a traditional preparation involves meat vegetables, spice etc. and is very tasty and suitable for all types of occasions. We can prepare traditional chicken biryani easily.

Malabari style Jeeragam Chicken curry

There are many types of chicken curries. One of them is jeeragam chicken in which jeeragam or cumin (jeera) seeds are the main ingredient. Read this article to know the recipe for Malabari style Jeeragam chicken curry.

Chicken Roast in Kerala Style

You can never find an easier and quick way to make tasty chicken roast. Just 3 steps are needed to make this scrumptious recipe. A very useful recipe for working women who have to finish cooking in a jiffy!

Special chicken 65

Special chicken 65 is a very delicious recipe which makes one's mouth to water.. Here is a simple method to make it...

Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe

Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe explains how to make delicious kerala style chicken curry with fried grated coconut. This Kerala Chicken Curry is very popular in dish across the state. This Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe is meant for 1 kg of chicken. For larger needs, you may increase the ingredients proportionately.

Special Chicken Onion Fry Recipe

A delicious recipe.Beginner style. Special chicken onion fry is very easy to prepare.Very tasty...yummy....Try this easy recipe.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

thandoori chicken is the best chicken made item in kerala. Most of men in kerala like to eat it.

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