Kerala fish recipes

Recipes of delicious Kerala fish dishes.

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Karimeen pollichuth - Ingredients and preparation

Karimeen pollichuth ingredients and preparation is described here. Kerala is famous in variety of fish recipes. Karimeen pollichuth is one among them. This is a tasty delicious dish can be prepared easily in the home. Read this article to know about the preparation Karimeen pollichuth .

Kerala Style Fish Curry - Ingredients and Preparation Methods

Are you thinking bore to cook same type of fish curry. Do you like to prepare different type of fish recipe? Just try this Kerala Style Fish Curry fish curry. During cooking you can get fragrance of that recipe. It's really incredible smell. Here I have given ingredient, preparation method of Kerala Style Fish Curry. You can easily prepare this recipe because of these tips.

How to prepare Kerala mathi fish fry?

Kerala People likes to eat non-vegetarian dish very much. Most of them like fish fry very much because it is crispy and spicy dish. The mathi fish fry is very tasty and spicy recipe in Kerala. Do you want to taste this Kerala mathi fish fry? Here are the some steps to prepare crispy Kerala mathi fish fry.

Grilled Fish with Green Chilli Masala - Ingredients and Preparation Methods

Are you searching for spicy fish recipe? Grilled Fish, Kerala Style-sardine is marinated in spicy green chilli masala for a change from the everyday fish fry. Just try this Grilled Fish with Green Chilli Masala and attracts others. Here I have given ingredient and preparation method of Grilled Fish with Green Chilli Masala for cook. You can easily prepare this recipe because of these tips.

How to prepare Fish Thoran?

Fish Thoran is very tasty and healthy non-vegetarian food in Kerala. Fish Thoran has very health benefits and you can prepare this recipe your home within 30 minutes. Find here required ingredients and preparation steps for Fish Thoran.

Kerala Fish Fry – Ingredients and Preparation methods

Do you want to prepare Fish Fry in your home? Then try to prepare Kerala Fish Fry which has good taste and spicy. Kerala Fish Fry is very special and famous in Kerala. Read here about Ingredients and Preparation methods of Kerala Fish Fry which can help to prepare it easily in your home.

Fish Tomato Roast Recipe– Ingredients and Preparation Steps

Do you like to prepare a Fish Tomato Roast Recipe in your home? Fish Tomato Roast Recipe is very tasty recipe with good smell. It has good popularity in Kerala and other states. Find here about Ingredients and Preparation Steps of Fish Tomato Roast Recipe.

Recipe of Kerala special – Prawn coconut curry (Thenga aracha Konju curry)

Recipe of Kerala special – Prawn coconut curry (Thenga aracha Konju curry) is given here. Prawn coconut curry or thenga aracha konju curry is one of the most popular and delicious dish that anyone in Kerala would have ever tasted. In this article you can discover the method to prepare top quality and delicious prawn coconut curry that you have ever made. It is really easy and time saving.

Onam special Allepey Fish curry – Ingredients, preparation guide, health benefits

Do know about Onam special Allepey Fish curry Its Ingredients, preparation guide and health benefits. Onam is an important festival of Kerala. They enjoy this festival with delicious recipes. Among the variety of spicy recipes Allepey Fish curry is famous spicy recipe. The preparation and usefulness of ingredients are mentioned below.

Fish Varattiyathu Kerala style recipe

Fish Varatiathu is an easy method of preparation of fish in a dry format. It needs only less ingredients. No need to add coconut milk or tamarind. Yet, it tastes far better than many of the common fish dishes and serves best with rice.

Collections of Kerala traditional Mathi curry or sardine dishes

Sardines are rich in fatty acids which reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease and it is rich for vitamin D, calcium, B12 and protein. According to latest studies the regular usage of sardine helps to lower the blood sugar levels slightly. We can prepare sardine using traditional method. Some of them are given here.

Naadan Fish Molee curry

Kerala is famous for its sumptuous fish curries. Fish molee is a delicious fish curry made in Kerala and the speciality being that coconut milk is added to it. Read this article to know the recipe for Fish molee curry.

How to prepare delicious fish molee..a variety dish to relish

In this article i shall explain how to prepare a delicious variety dish called fish molee which is sure to tickle our taste buds.It is a variety dish from the regular Kerala fish curries which we prepare regularly at home. It is quite easy to prepare yet delicious

Dry Prawns Fry

if there is rice, rasam and fried dry prawns then there is nothing more to ask for!!

Meen Peera Recipe

Meen Peera is a Central Kerala preparation..Its a change from the usual fish curry or fry one has on a regular day. This curry is usually prepared using kanava, or with small fish like netholi/chooda etc..Its a very easy recipe, less time, less oil, less spice!!

Fish Biriyani Recipe

A tasty fish Biriyani recipe.Very tasty....yummy..Dum Biriyani.Very easy preparation....

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