Breakfast recipes

Get recipes of Kerala breakfast recipes like Dosa, Iddly, Upma etc.

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How to prepare Kerala style delicious chapati and chicken curry?

How to prepare Kerala style delicious chapati and chicken curry? Chapathi with chicken curry ingredients and preparation method is described here. It is a breakfast dish favorite to everybody and can be prepared easily in the house itself. Read this article to know about the preparation of the dish.

Puran poli recipe - Ingredients and preparation

Puran poli recipe with ingredients and preparation method is described here. Puran poli is a famous recipe similar to chapatis. It is delicious and the addition of potatoes in it adds to it's taste. 'Puran puri' is another caption for this and are widely used in and around Kerala. This is a simple one to try while at home and is guaranteed that every members of your family will love to have more from you.

Kumbillappam and Neyappam: Authentic dishes from 'God's own Country'

Do you searching a best dish to attract your family?. Enjoy Kumbilappam and Neyyappam with a nice hot cup of tea and coffee. No doubt this Kumbilappam and Neyyappam recipes are best opt for you and It is best, when served warm. When you prepare this recipe you forget yourself because of it fragrance. So Please try this dish at your home.

Chutney Recipes - Four Different Types to try along with Dosa and Idly

The recipe of four different chutneys as a side dish for breakfast is given below. Is there anyone who does not want to try new side dishes? No, will be the answer as most of us has an internal urge to experiment things. Now, by going through the below article you get to know on the various types of chutneys.

Three Different Appam Recipes of Kerala

Here are the recipes of some of the tasty and traditionally prepared 'Appam' for all the malayalees. Try it to know how special is the dishes of Kerala and how they are prepared to their best. All its ingredients and methods revealed.

Paneer Uttappam and Coconut Chutney Recipe

Here I am presenting a special uttappam, 'Paneer uttappam'. As the name suggests, paneer is the key ingredient used along with some vegetables. South India is famous for its cuisines. Dosa and different varieties of uttappams are South Indian special dishes which has caught admiration of even North Indians.

Bread Upma recipe

In this article I am going to explain you how to make Bread upma. This is an easy breakfast recipe.

Gothambu Appam recipes

Gothambu Appam is a delicious Kerala dish for breakfast. You can get Gothambu appam recipe from here.

Rice Pathiri Recipe

A Ramzan specian recipe.Rice pathiri is popular in Kerala.Ideal for all occassions.Pathiri and chicken curry is a delicious Ramzan food item....Learn how pathiri is made....

Soft chappathy Recipe

Chappathy is an integral part of Indian meal.Try this recipe which is entirely different.....Very soft even after 2 or 3 hours....Water is boiled and Wheat flour is....

Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is very popular in Kerala.A quick breakfast recipe....Cooked rice,soaked rice,coconut....Serve it with Sambar,chutney,fish curry....

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