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Monsoon Holidays in Kerala: Best Tourist Destinations in Monsoon

Best tourist destinations in Kerala during monsoon are given in this article. For those who are planning a monsoon holidays in Kerala, we have given various tourist attractions in Kerala during rainy season. The best places to visit during monsoon are Aleppy, Kumarakom, Kovalam and Munnar. Read more about these tourist attractions below.

Guide to Choose Best Ayurvedic Massage Treatments in Kerala

How to choose the best Ayurveda treatments available from Kerala? This is a guide to select the best Ayurvedic Massage Treatments in Kerala. Some of the main Ayurvedic centers in the state are also listed in this article. Go through this complete guide to select the Ayurvedic massage treatments in Kerala suiting your needs.

Useful malayalam words for Tourists visiting in Kerala

Useful malayalam words for Tourists visiting in Kerala are added here. When you visit the State of Kerala, you many find that not all locals are able to understand or speak English. This may create problems in communication. This article is a ready guide of useful English-Malayalam words for tourists staying in Kerala.

How to save cash during travel

Everybody loves to go on a vacation and relax the body from the tensions of daily life. But most of the time one ends up spending more money than the budget can provide. Here are 12 tips to save money and also enjoy your vacation.

Travel Trends in Kerala

This article discuss some trendy products, which may be useful for the tourists coming to Kerala.

Reed Rafting in Kerala

This article discuss the scope of reed rafting in Kerala and some rafting tips for the tourists.

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