Kerala vegetarian recipes

Recipes of famous and delicious Kerala vegetarian dishes.

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Potato stew recipe in kerala style

Potato stew is a typical Kerala dish commonly used as combo with Appam or Idiyappam for breakfast. Its colour, sweet aroma and non-spicy ingredients make it so special that it has become part of our very own special dishes. Here I am presenting before you the method of its preparation.

How to make Daal-Palak in Kerala style

In this article, I am explaining how North Indian dish Daal-Palak can be made in Kerala style which resembles a traditional dish. I have presented it in a simple way which blends both North and South Indian flavours.

Tomato Fry Recipe - Kerala Vegetarian Curry for Chapati

This article describes step by step process to make Tomato fry Recipe. This is one of the common vegetarian curries you can make at home as well found at all restaurants in Kerala. This recipe is one of the favorites in Kerala.

Aviyal Recipe - Kerala Vegetarian Curry

This recipe describes on how you can easily make aviyal. Find out more for the ingredients and method of preparation. Aviyal, Kerala vegetarian curry is one of the Dishes present at any occasions in Kerala.

Kerala style Varutharacha Kadala curry

Read how to prepare kerala style varutharacha kadala curry?varutharacha kadala curry looks very tempting. This kadala curry goes with almost all breakfast items. The Gravy is brown in colour and it consist of roasted coconut and spices.

Mulaku Kootu - vegitable Gravy Curry

Mulaku Kootu is a simple side dish. It is a gravy recipe easy to prepare. Though a main gravy curry like sambar to be taken with cooked rice, this requires another sub side item at least a pickle, for effect. This can be made with select vegetables.

Fast cook Soya chunk Pea Potato mix masala

It is a very yummy vegetarian delight mix masala which will just staisfy your tummy and your soul, yes food can be said as soul, as it is food only which goes in and says yes this is it which contents our soul, yes thats right our very own soul. So eat enjoy & be happy for what you taste.

Chole/chickpeas curry

CHOLE/chickpeas curry tasty north indian dish, can be served hor with poori/ chappathi

Lemon Rasam

This is one of the most simple rasam which can be prepared in a matter of 5 mins provided you have cooked dal in your hand already.Lemon juice is added to give the tangy ness to the rasam instead of adding tamarind pulp.

Naruneendi Sarbath recipe

Naruneendi is a good tonic for mental health.It is a good blood purifier.Naruneendi is an important medicinal herb in Ayurveda.Naruneendi sarbath is a favourite drink of Karalites.Learn how Naruneendi Sarbath is prepared.You can prepare it in home.It is a healthy drink.

Green Mango curry (Pacha manga curry) Recipe

A kerala style pacha manga curry(green mango curry).It is very easy to prepare.A beginner style recipe.Try this recipe.Very delicious.Green mango is cooked with turmeric powder,fenugreek seeds,salt,pepper more

Special Dal Curry Recipe

A quick recipe.Beginner style.Very tasty.Serve it with chappathy,Paratha,rice....A different flavour of dal....

Dal Tomato Sambar

A variety sambar recipe.Have it with Idly or Roti.Easy to prepare and less ingredients are needed.main ingredients are toor dal and coriander leaves.very tasty.Enjoy the a different taste of sambar.A good Recipe for vegetarians.

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