Kerala vegetarian recipes

Recipes of famous and delicious Kerala vegetarian dishes.

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Onam 2014 Special Pulissery Recipe and Preparation Method

Onam 2014 special pulissery recipe and preparation method is given here. Vellarika Pulissery Recipe is given below. It is an excellent dish which forms a part of the Onam Sadhya. Here we have mentioned the tastiest way of preparing this dish. Try it out for this Onam and surprise your loved ones.

Onam 2014 Special Mathanga Erissery Recipe - Ingredients and Preparation

How to make Onam 2014 special mathanga erissery recipe? Onam 2014 special mathanga erissery recipe, ingredients and preparation method are described here. Mathanga or Pumpkin is a vegetable easily cultivated in Kerala. Hence Mathanga erissery has become a favourite dish of Malayalis especially the South Keralities. In this article you will find the step by step procedure to make this wonderful dish. Try it out and you can add one more dish to your list during this Onam celebrations.

Onam 2014 Special Recipe - Sharkara Varatti

Sharkkara Varatti, the tasty, sweet snack which forms an important place in the Kerala Sadhya is a favourite snack of all Malayalais. The recipe of Sahrkkara Varatti is given below. Try it out for this Onam and enjoy the snack with your family.

Onam 2014 Parippu Curry Recipe and Preperation Method

Onam 2014 Parippu curry recipe, ingredients and preparation method is given here. Onam is fast approaching, let us soon learn the easy recipe to make the most delicious and important dish of Onam sadhya, the Paripuu curry. Yes, the below article will teach you how to make yummy parippukari along with pappadam.

Onam Special Vellarikka Pachadi Recipe

Recipe of Kerala style Vellarika Pachadi is given below. As it is Onam season now, many of the youngsters who are jsut into cooking will be looking out for easy to make dishes to make their Onam fabulous. To add to it, here I thought of posting this easy and yummy dish. Have a loot at it and give it a try. You surely will love it.

Recipe of Ully Curry - An easy to prepare dish

Recipe of Ully Curry, an easy to prepare dish details are given here. Red onions are quite familiar to one and all. Here through this article I am giving you an easy recipe which can be prepared with red onions and tomatoes. Kindly go through it and try it out yourself.

Recipe of Snake Gourd Dry Fry

Do you know how healthy Snake gourd is? Are you looking for the recipe of the dishes made with snake gourd? Here, I have given the recipe of Snake Gourd Stir Fry. Try this out as it really helps in reducing your body weight.

Recipe of Sambar, the easy Method

Have you heard about the most popular South Indian dish, Sambar? I am sure you have heard about it. In this article I have given the easiest method of preparing the wonderful, healthy Sambar. Please do check it out.

Rasam - Ingredients and preparation

Rasam ingredients and preparation is described here. This is a very tasty delicious recipe, can be prepared easily in the home. Rasam is the one of the favorite dish of peoples of Kerala. This is a healthy nutritional dish which provide health and immunity power to the body. Read this article to know about the dish.

Vegetable Cutlet - Ingredients and preparation

Vegetable Cutlet ingredients and preparation method is explained here. It is a delicious vegetarian dish include different vegetables such as carrot, beans, potato, onion etc. Read the article to know about the ingredients and preparation of vegetable cutlet.

Vegetable pizza prepared in oven recipe

Vegetable pizza prepared in oven recipe is given here. Vegetable pizza is a favourite fast food for people in Kerala. In this article you will come across many new tips about how a vegetable pizza is prepared in the oven. This is the one of the favorite dish of children. From the name itself we can feel that there is something special in that dish.

Vegetable stew recipe - Ingredients and preparation

Vegetable stew recipe ingredients and preparation method is described here. Vegetable stew is a delicious, tasty and healthy dish that are usually prepared in our houses. This is a healthy dish which includes carrot, beans, potato in required proportion and can be had with other items like appam and dosha.

Yam (chena) Mezhukkupurati Recipe

Yam is an easily available vegetable in our home and in market. Yam contains oestrogen which is required for woman. We can try different recepies with Yam like mezhukkupuratti,thoran,fry moru curry puzhukku etc. It is a very tasty vegeteble with light sweetness. Yam(Chena)Mezhukkupuratti is the commonly used food items in the all part of the Kerala

Recipe of Rasam

I am sure, being a Keralite, you all have heard about the tasty dish, Rasam. But, are you aware of the easy technique of preparing it? If not, read the below procedure and you too will be able to make a tasty rasam soon.

Kerala style Koombu Thoran and Vazhakkai Mezhukkupuratti

Koombu Thoran / Banana Flower and Vazhakkai Mezhukkupuratti/Raw Plantain Stir Fry are the popular dishes in Kerala. These are usually prepared to be eaten along with the steamed rice. It is usually served as part of the 'Kerala Sadhya'.Quick and easy recipes are given below.Try it out and have a great time.

Papaya recipes: The perfect accessory for Onam

Here you go with different dishes from Ommakka/Papaya,served as side dish with steamed rice. Odor,color and taste of Ommakka dishes are very attractive and entirely different from other dishes. Try it and You will surely like it and will enjoy having it.

Kerala Style Chakkakuru Dishes

Kerala style chakkakuru dishes are given here. Jack fruit tree is a commonly seen backyard tree in Kerala. Raw ripe Jack fruit is amazingly tasty and the dishes made from it are even more delicious. Quick and easy traditional dishes from Jack fruit seed/Chakkakuru,are popular among Keralites. So here goes some recipes..

Recipe of Spicy Cauliflower Curry - A Healthy Dish

The recipe of a spicy cauliflower dish is given below. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable which is good in fighting against cancer. This dish is a perfect one for a lunch or dinner that has chapathi or roti as the main course. Read the recipe and try making it today itself. You will surely enjoy its taste and odor TOO.

Recipe of Manga Ozhichu Curry - An awesome combination with rice

The recipe of Kerala's very own dish Manga Ozhichu Curry is given below. It is a tasty dish which can be served along with rice and is easy to be made. Another peculiarity of this dish is that it requires minimal ingredients. Don't you love to have a switchover from the regular dishes at least once in a while? Have a look at the below recipe and try making it yourselves. If you like raw mangoes and its sour taste, you surely will like this dish too.

Recipe of Chakkakuru Manga Thoran for a perfect rainy season

The recipe of Chakkakuru Manga Thoran is given below. "Chakkakuru", the Malayalam word means Jack fruit seeds. It is also know as 'Chakka ari' in different parts of Kerala. There are many healthy dishes made out of Jack fruit seeds in Kerala, out of it this dish is the most yummiest one. Try it out and it will be an amazing healthy dish for a rainy season.

Recipe of Cabbage Thoran

Cabbage Thoran is a Keralite dish, which is very healthy and can be made easily at home. It is better to use this dish along with Rice. Those who prefer dry dish along with rotis or chapatis can also go for this one. Try out this dish and post your valuable comments below.

Recipe of Mushroom Theeyal - Special Kerala dish

Mushroom Theeyal is a common dish made in Kerala as Mushroom is found in abundance in this state. It is called as "Kumil Theeyal" in southern part of Kerala. Here I have given the recipe of Mushroom Theeyal.

Receipe of Avial, the South Keralite way

Avial is a traditional Keralite dish which is made almost in all districts of Kerala. Have you ever wanted to make Avial and had searched for the traditional recipe? Then read below and you will know the traditional south Keralite style of making Avial.

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