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    Malayalam Short Film Review – Watch and Win

    Dear Members,
    We are introducing an exciting contest in SPiderKerala. Members are invited to watch 3 short malayalam films which are being released on YouTube and make spectacular reviews. Already we have added previews about the short films and expect our members to watch the movies and make write up on each. As the cast & crew are much close to SpiderKerala, all of them are interested to get their films get reviewed by our writers.

    Our Kutty Chodyam – Ganesh Raj

    Preview of Oru Kutty Chodyam and You Tube Movie.

    Palathil Aashan – Ajmal Muhammed

    Preview of Palathil Aashan and You Tube Movie.

    Anuragathin Thiramala – Vishnu Udayan

    Preview of Anuragathin Thiramala and You Tube Movie.

    As we want to have only one review each for the above short films, we invited those interested members to post your willingness and also about the short film that you wish to review. We would be giving Rs 100 each for each review.

    The reviews should be posted with in two days.
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    Hello Sir,

    This is something that looks really new and fascinating to me. First of all we thank all the Directors and Producers for believing in us.

    We as a part of SpiderKerala team would love to put our Reviews on those.

    If I had a choice, I would be reviewing : "Anuragathin Thiraamala".

    Thank You Sir for this beautiful review invitation!

    Sashwato Chatterjee

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    Hello Sir,

    Hereby I am mentioning that I am taking charge to also review another Short Film which is none other than:

    "Oru Kutty Chodyam" by Ganesh Raj.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Sashwato Chatterjee

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    I din't actually get at what the GD is about as you have specified that the reviews are to be made on the provided links but I see that they are all previews and I don't think one can possibly criticize on a preview. But if given a chance I would be glad to review all three of the short films but ofcourse the first has the top priority.

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    Hi Biju Cherian sir,
    Thanks for the new reward program in I am looking for reviewing the malayalam short film Palathil Aashan by Ajmal Muhammed.


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    I know I am too late here, but if still there is chances, I would go for reviewing Anuragathin Thiramala – Vishnu Udayan.

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