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    Happy vishu to all SPK members

    Vishu means equal. This is the festival of Hindus which is
    celebrated mainly in Kerala and in some places of Karnataka district. Kolla Varsha or the Malayalam Calendar describes Vishu as a new year. It is celebrated every year all over kerala during this time ie; by second week of April. The main event of Vishu is the vishukkani. It is believed that if a person sees Krishna's face first as kani during Vishu, then his entire year will be blessed and filled with happiness. Hope this year will be a blessed and prosperous one for all.

    " Happy Vishu to all SPK members "
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    May this Vishu bring you luck and prosperity through out the year.
    "Happy Vishu "


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    Happy Vishu Friend

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    Vishu is celebrated by Malayalees (mainly Hindu families)as a festival. It is actually the new year day (Medam is the first month as per the Malayalam year, and vishu is the first day of Medam. Though theoretically it is so, in practice Chingam first is followed as the year beginning).

    Vish has another importance as far as the agriculture is concerned. The year's agriculture works starts on that day. In the paddy land the farmer will conduct a small function in which the first digging of the soil will be done (in Malayalam it is known as 'Chaalu keeral').

    On vishu day in every Hindu house everybody gets up early morning and witness an arrangement (called 'Kani')in which an oil lamp will be lit and kept in front of the arrangement. The arrangement will contain the photo or small statue of 'Sree krishna', a ripe cucumber (vellari), konna flower (golden coloured flower), gold ornaments, coins and similar other worth seeing as a symbol of fortune. The belief is that if one sees such materials on the first day of the year the whole year will have fortunes and will be fruitful.

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    This year's Vishu is over. Personally this is the first Vishu for me without my mother who left us for ever in last July at the age of 91. I recollect my childhood days when my mother used to give a token presentation on every Vishu days (we call it vishu kaineettam). It was 'two annas' (present value of it is about 12 paise). We spend this money to buy some more crackers or coloured matches. It was such pleasant days without any problem to worry.
    On this Vishu day my grand daughter (just five year old) was also very happy to receive the Vishu kaineettam from her grand mother (my wife) - now the amount is a hundred rupee note instead of two anna.

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    It was nice to hear your childhood story sir. It is always a great feeling for everyone when they digup their old memories. I am happy that the tradition of vishu is now also following in right manner.

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