Karkidaka Chikitsa – The Monsoon Rejuvenation Treatment

In Kerala, as per the Malayalam calendar, Karkidakam is the period of monsoon season and this is the time in which many illnesses and health issues aggravate. Karkidaka Chikitsa or Karkidaka package promoted by Ayurveda aims at the detoxification, rejuvenation as well as beautification of the body and mind. This article will give an idea about the Karkidaka treatments and its umpteen benefits.

Karkidakam Ayurveda Treatment is one of those Ayurvedic Treatments that revolve around the local Malayalam Calendar. Karkidakam is the last month in the Malayalam Calendar that falls in July or August. It refers to the monsoon season which as per Ayurveda is the time when the human body is prone to doshas or diseases. Ayurveda has prescribed a different set of guidelines to be followed in the Karkidakam or monsoon.

As per the Ayurveda, during Karkidakam, every person should:

  • Retire from the day early and go to sleep early

  • Do pranayama or breathing exercises daily for 10 minutes

  • Non-vegetarian and Fried food should not be consumed

  • Drink at least 2 litres of lukewarm water daily

  • Refrain from smoking and drinking

  • Spend time with friends and family to make your stay at home worthwhile

Because of the fact that during the monsoon, the pores on the human body are open, there are a lot of Ayurvedic Treatments that are done in the season. The Karkidakam Ayurveda Treatment is also done during this time. The treatment is just like a rejuvenation treatment for the complete body that keeps it energized and disease-free for the whole year. Leelajani Ayur Care at Trivandrum is the best place to have the Ayurvedic Treatment in Karkidakam. Let us understand the treatment in a better manner and find out about its benefits.

Karkidakam Ayurveda Treatment – An age-old regime:

The ancient routine of Ayurvedic Treatment in Karkidakam comprised of the following:

  • Listening and reciting spiritual scriptures

  • Consuming specially concocted diets based on Ayurveda; especially the Karkidaka Kanji

  • Satsanga or social gathering done for the spiritual purposes

  • Healthy Routines

  • And last but not the least, the Karkidaka Chikitsa

Ayurvedic Treatment in Karkidakam – Therapies

The Karkidaka Chikitsa is a set of various therapies that are used for the rejuvenation and beautification of the human body. It is also called the Rithu Charya treatment. The following section comprises the various therapies that are included in the karkidakam.

1 – Karkidaka Kanji or the Special Ayurvedic Food
Karkidaka Kanji is basically a rice porridge with medicinal herbs that is an excellent revitalizer of the human body. The Kanji is made with njavara rice, cumin seeds, coriander, fenugreek, aniseed, ajwain, mustard seed, dry ginger, nutmeg, caraway seed, cloves, putharichundaveru etc. Once the rice is boiled with all the ingredients and is cooked completely, coconut milk is added and finally, it is sauteed in ghee and onions.

2 – Oil Massages
Abhyangam, snehapan and lots of other massages are done with the essential Ayurvedic oils that rejuvenate the body and detoxify it. They restore the skin which gets damaged in the summers owing to excessive sweating and heat.

3 – Panchkarma
Done with the aim of detoxification, the therapy comprises of 5 techniques:

  • Purvakarma – Oil Massage followed by sweating

  • Vamana – Vomiting to remove the toxins from the upper part of the Digestive Tract

  • Virechana Nasya – Medicines are poured through the nose

  • Basti – Rectum is fed with medicines which detoxify the lower part of the Digestive Tract

The persons undergoing Panchakarma can also customize the therapy and remove one or two parts.

4 – Sukha Chikitsa
It is done to prevent the diseases and illnesses and comprises oil massages, eating Karkidaka Kanji and some other therapies to rejuvenate the human body.
Ayurvedic Treatment in Karkidakam – Benefits:

  • Complete detoxification of human body

  • Rejuvenation of the human body and skin

  • Boosting of digestion and overall working of the human body

  • Mind rejuvenation and calming of nerves and senses

  • Removing the disease-causing toxins from the body

  • Dealing with the current illness

  • Prevention of illness during the coming year

Leelajani Ayur Care provides the best quality Karkidaka Chikitsa Package that is highly affordable. The centre has a team of highly expert Ayurvedic Doctors that help you in giving a new and rejuvenated life that is teeming with hope and energy and is devoid of allopathic medicines.

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