Indian Temple Treasure Similar To Tutankhamen’s Treasure-Exclusive Report

Indian temple treasure found in Sree padmanabha Swamy temple in kerala has similarities to the treasure found in Tuten khamun’s tomb in Egypt. We are bringing up an exclusive study on the latest gold temple treasure found in kerala which holds many secrets. Read more to discover the exclusive report on the golden temple in kerala.

Indian temple treasure found in Sree padmanabha Swamy temple in kerala has similarities to the treasure found in Tuten khamun's tomb in Egypt. We are bringing up an exclusive study on the latest gold temple treasure found in kerala which holds many secrets.
Gold Treasure in Temple
Just after the world had heard the discovery of unearthed treasures from sree padmanabha swamy temple thiruvanathapuram in kerala, the temple had drawn attention of the world to its side. Reports from the state capital substantiate the interest of the local people and also of foreigners who are visiting the temple in large number. To be called as India's richest temple, sree padmanabha swamy temple has again made up to bring another exclusive report as we found matched similarties of the treasures found in padmanabha swamy temple with that of the treasures in Tuten khamen's tomb.

Recent discovery of the $22 billion golden treasure found from the secret chambers in the padmanabha swamy temple resembles the findings from the tomb of the Egyptian king Tuten khamen. Treasures found from both sites were found from secret chambers. While the gold treasures found from Egypt was inside the tomb, the treasures were found inside the temple which even has a secret chamber which is yet to be opened. The tomb of the young king Tuten khamen is around 3000 years old while of the temple in kerala is just of 300 years old.
Sree Padmanabhaswamy Gold Treasure
Both the temple and tomb contained valuable treasures which included precious stones, gold and silver. The real value of the temple treasure is still to be estimated. It was in 1922, howard carter, an archaeologist who brought to light the spectacular objects from the king's tomb which were separated into around 3,000 different objects almost all made up of gold.

The treasure unearthed from the temple of kerala include 17 kg of gold coins, gold in shape of rice trinkets (Weighing more than a tonne), 18 feet long golden necklace weighing 2.5 kg,sack full of diamonds, thousands of pieces of antique jewellery studded with diamonds and emeralds, golden vessel,golden idol of Mahavishnu worth Rs. 500 Crore, antique gold ornaments, diamonds and other precious stones, golden crowns, golden bow. Almost all treasures found from the temple were offering made by the people to the lord padmanabha swamy.

While in Egypt, the tomb of tutenkhamun was rich in gold and silver coins. The other objects discovered include Bracelets, Rings, Chariots, Chairs, Ritual beds, Anthropoid (man-shaped) Gilded Coffins and the Solid Gold coffin, ivory, and gold walking sticks, Burial shrines and Funeral Equipments.

In Egypt, the tombs of the kings were filled with valuable objects as a part of their ritual while the temple treasure in kerala is the offering of the devotees which were collected and stored in secret chambers.

Even weeks after the gold treasures were found out, still the debate remains regarding the authorization of the mammoth wealth.

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