Padmanabhaswamy Temple - Specialised agency for valuation

Read about the different aspects of the valuable found in the vaults of the Sree Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple at Thiruvananthapuram is a subject in the minds of the people for various reasons as indicated below in the article. The people are also anxious about various aspects as the protection, preservation and the proper utilization of the property. The Supreme Court is monitoring the entire issue.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Varied interest of Different Groups of People

Ever since the treasure came under the media glare around June this year, the Sree Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple of Thiruvananthapuram is under the gaze of all for various purposes. The overwhelming majority of course keep the gaze on the temple with the purpose of having a darshan and blessings of the Lord which will give them peace, tranquility and happiness. Then there is the section whose gaze is for some quick publicity by making all sorts of statements. There is another group who want the secrecy is to be maintained so that they may be able to clandestinely pilfer things as they seems to have started recently. Yet another group's gaze is there with apprehension as to whether they will come under others gaze for their improper management of the affairs of the temple, both in the routine procedures, maintenance and the negligent handling of the valuable items allowing them to mishandled and damaged. There is another group waiting for a possible opportunity to strike to gain access to steal or robe some of the precious items from the vaults.

The Committees formed by the Supreme Court

In the above background a joint meeting of the committees appointed by the Supreme Court (S C) was held to take stock of the situation and decide on the future course. The two committees are appointed by the Court one for recording the items in the vaults and the other to supervise the work. The primary task remaining to be attended under the order of the S C is to identify value and record the items both in book forms and digitally with photos and videos. This is the basic and foremost job to be attended by the committees. In this task both the committees are to be actively involved and they have to take the assistance of a third party or group of experts in valuation of market and intrinsic values of the items. They have reached on an understanding to appoint a highly specialized agency for the purpose of valuation of the valuable items found in the vaults already opened till now and then decide about the opening of the remaining vault for similar purpose.

The interim finding of the Joint Committee

The spokesman of the joint committees, the director General of the National Museum informed the media that they have completed all necessary steps to begin the 2nd round of the job of recording entrusted to them by the S C. Now the committees have to intimate the decisions to the S C and entrust the job of valuation to a competent agency to be identified.

Security – Protection of the Property

Of course another aspect of the whole issue of having a strong system of security is already partially met and the remaining part of further fortifying the security system is being carried one to make it as fool proof a system as possible.

Remembering Late IPS Ex Officer Sunder Rajan

Late Sunder Rajan
All of us should be grateful to the late I PS Sunder Rajan who suspected something wrong in the administration of the temple and approached the court for the reconstitution of the administrative set up to make it effective. But for the action of the late IPS Ex official the wealth f the temple would have remained a secret and the mischievous people would have a field day with the wealth unknown and unnoticed. Thanks to him and pry to the almighty that let his soul rest in peace.


Let us also hope that the present administrative authorities will not indulge in acts of doubtful nature like the 'Devaprasanam' etc to complicate the issues involved. The S C will also decide about the opening of the 6th vault after the recordings and the recommendation of the joint committee. Now as to the use of the wealth, there may be divergent views. There may be people who feel that the wealth should be used for the development of the temple, city, state and the country. The wealth is the offerings made by the devotees for specific purposes. The wealth consists of varied types. It is too premature to decide about the wealth till a full description of the items with identification, number of pieces of each item the probable period of the pieces, the nature of value like physical market or intrinsic, and the current value both in terms of market and intrinsic nature with the photos and videos. Once that process is completed the decision as to how to use will be relevant and at that time the S C will deal with it taking into account the various views expressed already and the views that may expressed thereafter and the opinion of the committees etc. Let us wait till then patiently.

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