10 Days of 2012 Onam Carnival – Harvesting the Happiness of Keralites

10 Days of 2012 Onam Carnival – Harvesting the Happiness of Keralites. Every State in India is having facets and every single face will have different traits. Kerala is one among States, where you can see the green environment everywhere and the pleasant of the God’s creativity. Especially, the ten days festival of Onam will make the whole state to wear the flowers in the lap. You can see the specials of ten days in the following passage.

The whole Kerala state will start to get ready for the Celebration of Onam Festival 2012 , before a month and every individual will start to expect the arrival of Onam's first day. Every day, they will decorate the intact state with the colorful flowers and the Keralites will expose their culture and tradition in everywhere.

Traditional 10 days Festival Commemoration in Onam 2012

10 days of Onam
The 1st Day of Onam– Atham: The actual highlight of the Atham is the Pookolam, which is also called as the Athapoo. The first day is the auspicious day in the Onam festival. This Poololam is just decorated to invite and welcome the incomparable Legend of King Mahabali. He is the sole reason for celebrating this Onam festival and the grand procession of the Athachamayam will be taken place in the first day of the Onam.

The 2nd Day of Onam – Chithira: In the second day, the girls will add extra colorful flowers and will enhance the beauty of the Athapoo. Every folks will invite the King Mahabali to their home and will start to discuss for how to celebrate the lingering eight days. They will discuss about the feasting and the boating competition.

The 3rd Day of Onam – Chodhi: The Chodhi is also termed as Chodi and in this day, the shopkeepers will offer several incentives for their customers and people will get ready to buy their dresses and the size of the flower will get increased as days getting increased. Usually, the girls will be shining like a moon in the Kerala, but, during the Onam festival, they will be shining more than a moon. No one has found the reason for the increase in the beauty, and this is due to the blessing given by the King Mahabali.

The 4th Day of Onam – Visakam: The Visakam will just induce the excitement in people's mind and they will prepare different kinds of pickles and the Papads. The Onasadya is one of the important recipes on Thiruonam and the women, who are committed to prepare this food, will make an elaborate plan to cook it in turn to pull the neighbors towards their home.

The 5th Day of Onam – Anizham: The highlight of this day is the boat race and most of the people will gather in a place and the boat race will be conducted. This event is also called as the Vallamkali. A strict and jealousies- free competition will be occur in the bank of river Pamba at Aranmulla.

The 6th Day of Onam – Thriketa: This is the most important day, in which all sorts of people will set free their anger and tense and will join their hands with all populaces in turn to participate in the cultural competitions. No people will see the caste, community, religion or anything and they are just an Indian.

The 7th Day of Onam – Moolam: In the seventh day, people will eagerly wait for the arrival of the Onathappan, who is also called as the King Mahabali. Their excitement level will get elevated and everywhere, you can the colorful people, flowers, charming and everything.

The 8th Day of Onam – Pooradam: In Pooradam, an idol will be crafted in the shape of the Pyramids, and it is called as 'Ma'. The Ma is also decorated with the flowers. Since, it is the festival of flowers; the Ma will be covered with flowers. As per their belief, Onathappan will arrive on the last day of Onam; the people will start to clean their home and will decorate with colors and attracting flowers.

The 9th Day of Onam – Uthradam: It is the preceding day of Onam, most of people will get ready to celebrate the Onam from this day, in turn to invite the Onathappan as sooner to their home. The rich farmers and the joint families will share their meals with their neighbors and friends to carve up their inner soul happiness.

The 10th Day of Onam – Thiruvonam: The most awaited and the expected day, Thiruvonam is actually called as Onam. The folks will get early bath and will wear new dresses and will pray the Lord Vishnu and the King Mahabali. During the noon, they will prepare the grand feast of Onasadya and will share with all.

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