Kerala snacks recipes

Recipes of delicious Kerala snacks recipes.

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Spicy Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

Are you looking for the recipe of snacks to enjoy your evenings? Do you want the recipe of a healthy food for your kid's snack box? Here, in this article I have given the complete recipe of vegetable cutlet. Please do try it out and I am sure you are going to like it.

Potato snacks - Ingredients and preparation

Potato snacks ingredients and preparation method is described below. These are very tasty delicious dishes which can be prepared easily in the home. Read this article to know much about the different potato snacks.

Kerala special pakoda (pakora) recipe - Ingredients and preparation

Kerala special pakoda (pakora)recipe, ingredients and preparation method is described here. Pakoda or pakora is a famous spicy snack in Kerala. Everyone would love to have this with their evening tea and is even very simple to prepare at your home itself. Now its all yours, hop into the kitchen and start preparing your husband's or children's favourite spicy snack 'pakoda'.

Kurumulaku (pepper) Kozhakkatta recipie

Kurumulaku (pepper)Kozhakkatta recipe is given here. Kozhakkta is a delicious dish that we regularly prepare in my home. Easiness of the method of preparation and availability of the ingredients made this favorite to us and of course to our family. Main ingredient rice flour will always be available in my home for idiyappam and other ingredients too are used regularly for other dishes. The duration of time taken to prepare is also very less.

How to prepare Kerala special kuzhalappam

Know how to prepare Kerala special kuzhalappam. Kuzhalappam is one of the main items for the people in Kerala. It is better to make Kuzhalappam in your house itself by using good quality oils. This is a traditional snake of Kerala which would require great talent and patients to prepare. In this article you can learn how to prepare some delicious Kuzhalappams and can impress your close ones with your magical skills.

Chemmeen Cutlet Recipe - Delicious and Mouth Watering

Chemmeeen cutlet is an absolute delicious recipe that everyone must try. Here I have given the details description of how to cook the mouth-watering Shrimp cutlet. Read below and enjoy cooking. Your valuable comments are welcome.

Ramzan Kerala Recipes

Some Ramzan recipes of meat, prawn and egg are given here. These recipes are rich of protein. At the same time kids and adults liking these recipes due to its taste. The rich protein content recipes for kids and are very easy to make and very less time is required for preparation.

Malabar special Unnakai - Ripe plantain filled with cocunut

Find the ingredients and preparation of Unnakai. Unnakai is a very famous Malabar snack. During Ramadan time almost all houses in Malabar area will prepare this snacks for Nombu thurakkal. Main ingrediants used for the preparation is ripr Plantain and coconut.

Indian Style Pizza Recipe

Hers is the Indian Style Pizza recipe,a sure favorite snack for children.Pizza in Indian style is more attractive.

Corn spinach on cracker biscuts

This crunchy snacks made with spinach and corn is rich in calcium,iron and B vitamins. It also makes for a good party starter.

Vegetable mix sprout cutlets

These cutlets are rich in proteins,vitamin C and fibre.And since they are not fried but baked,they keep a check on your fat intake.

Birds nest recipes

Birds Nest is a vegetarian snack, which I think would be an interesting dish to try out during this season

Curd with gram flour balls Recipe

Curd with gram flour balls is very tasty.Very simple and easy to prepare.It is a good snack item.Gram flour is mixed with turmeric powder, salt, chilly powder and bicarbonate of soda and fried in oil.It is added to more to learn how Curd with gram flour balls is prepared.

Onion Bhaji Recipe

A spicy snack recipe.Onion bhaji is very tasty.It is very easy to prepare.A very good snack item.Onion is finely sliced and mixed with egg,salt,ginger,curry more to learn how to make onion bhaji.A beginner style recipe.

Uraad Dal Vada (Uzhunnu vada)-Kerala style recipe

Uzhunnu vada is a kerala style snack item.It is a traditional recipe of kerala.Uzhunnu vada with sambar and coconut chutney is very tasty. We can prepare vada very easily.Learn how uzhunnu vada is prepared.

Bread Coconut Balls Recipe

Very tasty Bread Coconut Balls Recipe.A quick recipe.Tasty Bread Coconut Balls within 10 minutes.Very easy.

Basboosa Recipe

Basboosa is very sweet and tasty.Children like it very much.Good snack recipe.Ingredients are milkpowder,coconut powder,semolina.....

Cauliflower fry recipe[chinese style]

Cauliflower is highly nuitritive.Cauliflower fry is very tasty.It is a good snack item.Children like it very much.A good cauliflower fry recipe in chinese style.

Potato Balls recipe

A Healthy snack.Good for children and easy to prepare.A Quick recipe.Potato Balls are very tasty.

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