Kochi Smart City Project

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Kerala Kochi Smartcity lease agreement signed

The new lease agreement for the upcoming Kochi Smart City Project has been signed in Kochi today on 23rd February. The Smart City Kochi Lease Agreement was signed by Smart City Chairman S. Sharma and TECOM CEO Abdulla Almulla.

Cybercity at Kochi

Together with the Smart city project another IT related project, Cybercity, is coming up at Kochi. The construction work for the same starts today.

Kochi Smart City : The Dream Project come True

The much awaited kochi smart city project turn to the real track on 2 nd February 2011. In the meeting,M A Yusuf Ali Played the mediator role between Government of Kerala and Tecom, the promoters of smart City Project.

Latest official logo of Kochi Smart City

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Future benefits of Kochi Smart City

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Smart City Project On Way To Become A REALITY!

Kerala Government and representatives of TECOM, the holding company of Smart City Project, Kochi, have hammered out an agreement at a meeting held at the Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram today morning. According to reports, all the outstanding issues regarding the Smart City Project is now a thing of past. The new Lease Agreement will come to effect within one week,and the construction work for the Smart City Project will get under way with immediate effect.

Kochi smart city latest news and updates

According to latest news Kochi smart city will become True. The agreement of Kerala dream project signed and documents handed over each other. Latest news of Kochi smartcity project says that the construction will start within one month.

Kochi Smartcity final agreement is signed

The long awaited Smart City Kochi project is eventually into reality. Dubai government agreed the the hope of final agreement because Kerala Government and Dubai-based promoters are in their final attempt to make Kochi smart city project is a reality.

Kochi Smartcity new agreement details

The long awaited Smart City Kochi project is eventually seeing a hope of final agreement as Kerala Government and Dubai-based promoters are in their final attempt to make Kochi smart city project is a reality. Kerala hops today both parties will sign new agreement on Kochi SmartCity project. This resource gives you some exclusive news about the final agreement on Kochi Smartcity project final discussions. You can read here the highlights of final agreement and final discussions of Kochi smart city project.

Kochi smart city project issues and agreements

Kochi smart city project came up with many issues in its initial stages. I tried to cover some initial issues which delayed the Kochi smart city project. Also you can find some parts of Kochi smart city project initial agreement and Memorandum of Understanding during the Ministerial period of Oommen Chandi.

Kochi Smart City project jobs, Employment opportunities of Kochi Smartcity

Kochi Smart City project is expected to come true. Dubai Government is informed to conduct a final effective meeting with Director Board members of Kochi Smart city project which can generates over 90,000 jobs in Kerala in various employment areas. Readers can see here about the Kochi smart city jobs and related services.

The role of M.A. Yousuf Ali on the Kochi Smart City Project

Kochi Smartcity Project is expected to become reality in coming days. There is a final meeting is going to held on February 2 between Kerala Goverment and Dubai Government officials. M.A.Yousuf Ali was the mediator who gave pace in the discussion to resolve the existing issues which delays the project process. The resource gives you informations about the role of M.A. Yousuf Ali in The Kochi smartcity Project and its update news.

Kochi Smart City project plan, history and progress

Kochi smart city project is in a new hope by the engagement of Dubai Government for a discussion with Kerala Government to revive it. This resource provide you information about Smart city project includes its history and agreement. Also the resource gives you explanations about the future of the Kochi smart city project.

Smart city Kochi: Main features of the proposed project

Smart city Kochi is a proposed IT based project in Kakkanadu, Kochi in Kerala. It is a joint venture of the state government of Kerala and the Dubai based Tecom company. It is proposed to change kochi as a major IT hub of the world. These are the main features of the signed agreement of this Smart city project

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