Wonder la Amusement Park, Kochi - Rides, Rates and Facilities

Wonder la Amusement Park is a very popular amusement park of Kerala located in Pallikara in Ernakulam district of Kerala. The park has won many awards for its perfect safety measures and environment friendly ways. Read more to know the details, rides, rates, timings, facilities, address and official website of Veegaland Amusement Park.

Wonder la Amusement park logo
Wonder la Amusement Park (Veegalanad) is the most famous amusement parks of Kerala mainly because it is India's first water theme park. It is situated in Pallikara of Ernakulam district. It is a very huge park comprising of an area of 30 acres. The entire park is built on a hillock and lies high at 77m above sea level giving its visitors a great aerial view of the surroundings. The premises of the park is filled with a lot of greenery. Veegaland has been built using the International standards of designing and it has won awards for eco-friendly tourism, Kerala Pollution control award and OHSAS 18001:2007 international certificate for safety and ISO 14001:2004 for environment protection. Veegaland offers many imported hi-fi rides which cannot be found in any of the other amusement parks of Kerala.
Wonder la
The park is extremely careful about the safety of the visitors which makes it no wonder that they won a prestigious certificate for the same. Each and every ride and machine in the park is supervised from time to time to ensure safety. The park has also appointed lifeguards who can be found in their uniform near all the water rides and there are also separate attendants posted at different junctions of the park. The staff of the park can be identified very well as they have identity cards which are visible for the visitors so that they can acquire help and information about the park immediately. There is a separate helpdesk located near the ticker counter. Wonder la has hired employees who are trained in providing first aid to visitors who get injured.
Wonder la
Wonder la offers both dry rides as well as water rides. The water used for the rides and pools are checked regularly for safety and cleanliness. For this purpose, Wonder la has an in-house reverse osmosis plant that purifies the water throughout the day. The park is extra cautious about the purity of the water and supervision is done every half an hour to ensure the quality of the water. Veegaland also has a separate laboratory just to monitor the safety and quality of the water. As it is continually checked, any harmful wastes are deactivated on the go enabling visitors to enjoy in the water without any tension about hygiene. Drinking water is kept at many parts of the parks which conforms to the IS:10500 standards. The park is also eco-friendly in that the waste water which comes out of the used pools and rides are recycled by the sewage treatment plant and this recycled water is utilised for watering the lawns of the park. Veegaland also owns and ensures efficient waste disposal through the compost plant and waste burning furnace called incinerator that is there in the park.

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Rides offered by Wonder la Amusement Park Ernakulam

Wonder la offers its visitors an overwhelming series of unique rides to thrill you and make your trip a memorable one. The rides are divided into four categories namely Family rides, Water rides, Kiddie rides and Hair raising rides.

Family rides

As the name suggests, these rides are meant for the whole family regardless of the age group. Family members can come together and thoroughly enjoy the quality time spent with each other amidst the thrill and excitement of the rides.
Cine Magic 3D - This ride is similar to a stimulator where in scenes are projected on the screen and the people swing and sway to the beats and rhythm of the scenes. To give a mind blowing experience, a mixture of high definition stereoscopic 3D video with multi channel surround sound, high power blowers and hydraulic seats are present within the ride.

Balarama Cave - This is a dark ride as in one is taken into a dark cave with scary creatures such as witches, skeletons and wizards. It is definitely not meant for the weak hearted as the images spring onto your face at the split of a second which can be scary as well as thrilling.

Crazy Cars - This ride is similar to striking cars where in one or two people sit in a car with fastened seat belts and can take a ride around the place with occasional bumps and crashes onto other co-drivers to bring on the excitement.

Dancing cars - This is a fun-filled ride for the kids as well as adults. One sits in the car which dances to the tunes of blasting music.

Vintage Tornado - This is a roller coaster inside a seven storied building. Sitting inside the well-fastened seats, one is taken upto a height of 30 metres and then comes down at neck-breaking speed with a lot of twists and turns. This ride is sure to bring up your adrenaline levels.

Sky Wheel - This is a giant wheel or a ferris wheel which is at the height of 16 metres. It is a slow and enjoyable ride and when one reaches at the top, he/she can get a stunning aerial view of the surrounding landscapes. As Wonder la is already situated at a great height, this ride takes you higher towards the sky.

Space Ship - This ride is in the shape of a space ship with a rocket in the middle. One is seated safely in the driver's seat and it bounces up and down, turning around its axis and twirling around the rocket.
Cablecar at Wonder la
Hang Glider - This is yet another thrilling ride which caters to people of all age groups. It is similar to a cable car which takes you through the sky giving an aerial view of the stunning landscapes of Wonder la.

Musical Fountain and Laser Show - This is a major attraction of Wonder la and is simply overwhelming with the water dancing to the tunes of the music and laser beams are also added to bring bright colours to the water.

Fish Pond - This is a small pond containing colourful fishes which you can feed and also touch lightly with your hands.

Water rides

WonderSplash at Wonder la
Wonder Splash - In this ride, one is seated inside a log raft and taken through a conveyer belt into a mysterious tunnel and climaxes with a speeding splash into the shallow pool below which will drench you with water ultimately.

Family Slide - Three or four people sit inside a rubber raft and glide along the slippery loops of the water slide. The ride ends with a gradual dip into the shallow pool. This is a lovely and relaxing ride for the entire family.

Family Pool - This pool is meant for the whole family where in one can splash around the water while sprayers and sprinkles from all directions continuously get you more and more wet.

Wave Pool - This is a huge pool in which one can experience the fun of being in a beach without undergoing the fear of getting carried away by the waves. The tiny tots can enjoy in their part of the pool which is shallow and there are also deeper areas for the adults and more challenging ones.

Turbo Sphere - In this ride, one or two people sit inside an inflatable tube and slide down the slippery sphere in loops till it ends at the shallow pool.

Water Pendulum - This is a U-shaped ride, where in again riders sit inside an inflatable tube and glide up and down the ride till it gradually comes to a stop at the middle.

Fun-Glides - These are huge water slides where in one sits on a mat and slides down from the height of a five storey building.

Rapid River - This ride is suitable and enjoyable for people of all ages. One sits on a raft and wades along the water through interconnected pools. There is also a water system which continuously pours out water.

Bullet Rides - This consists of four tubes each of a different colour. The blue colour tube is the most thrilling as it has no loops to slow down your tube whereas all the other colours have many loops.

Snake Slides - This is again a water slide where one sits on a mat and slide down the huge tubes making curves at the loops making a slow finish at the shallow pool below.

Kiddie Rides

Happy Kangaroo - This is a free fall ride which is both safe and exciting for the little ones. Children are admitted for this ride only based on their height.

Balloon Tower - One sits inside balloon shaped colourful seats and taken to a height of 10 metres bouncing up and down around the ride.

Kids Fun - This is fun-filled area for kids with dry slides and swings.

Convoy - Tiny tots will love this ride as it goes atop small hilly regions as they sit on their bikes and cars.

Flying Ammu - This is a merry-go-round ride with people sitting on elephant-shaped seats.

Pirate Ship - This is similar to the Flying boat but it is perfect for the kids as it does not swing too high and low.

Castle Jet - Another exciting ride for the kids where in they sit on seats changed in the form of their favourite cartoon characters. The ride takes the tiny tots up and down while circling around the middle.

Kiddies wheel - This is a miniature version of the giant wheel which is perfect for the kids as it is very colourful and slow enough to give the kids a gentle rotating ride.

Moon Walker - This consists of a huge inflated bed where the kids can jump to joy without the fear of getting injured.

Jumping Horses - This ride consists of colourful horses for the kids to sit on and gallop around the centre in circles.

Jumping Frogs - Children sit on frog-shaped seats and jump up and down in a gentle manner which does not hurt the kids.

Caterpillar - This is a train ride shaped like a caterpillar which is again meant for the kids. The ride is filled with thrilling gentle bumps and bounces up and down.

Hair Raising rides

These are the rides which are meant for the adventurous people who like to try out more challenging and mind-boggling rides. As a result, most of these rides are not meant for the weak hearted, heart patients and pregnant ladies.
Twin Flip Monster
Twin Flip Monster - This is a really exciting ride with two robotic hands which go upto the height of 10metres. Riders sit inside capsules which are shaped like the blades of a fan and are spun and swirled up and down and in circles by the robotic hands.

Super Jumper - This ride is shaped like a hub in the middle with spokes around it at the end of which are capsules for the riders to sit on. The capsules circle around the hub in vigorous up and down movements making it a very thrilling ride.
Spacegun ride at Wonder la
Space Gun - This ride is only meant for people aged above 12 years as it is a very thrilling and somewhat scary ride which could really increase your levels of adrenaline. The ride goes in circles and circles at a height of 18 metres and even goes upside down. During the ride, it stops in the upside-down position for few seconds and then returns to circling around the centre.

Wavy Vertical Falls - These are water slides positioned vertically which create more thrills as one slides straight down without any loops from a height of a six storied building.

Thunder Fall - This ride consists of a huge steel tower around which capsules are placed for the riders to be seated. The capsules are then taken slowly till the top of the tower and stopped for few seconds so that the riders can enjoy an aerial view of the surroundings. Finally it comes down at a high speed till ground zero.

Wind Mill - This ride is shaped like a windmill with a row of capsules placed together at the end of the windmill blade. The blade rotates in circles around the centre.

Flying Boat - This is a larger version of the Pirate Ship meant for the adults and bigger children. It is shaped like a boat and swings up and down in an arc of 180 degrees.

Spinning coaster - This ride consists of capsules which can seat four people at a time. The capsule goes in twists and turns over a 300 metre long exhilarating coaster. This could be labelled as the most exciting dry ride in the park.

Facilities provided by Wonder la Amusement Park Ernakulam

Some of the facilities provided by the park includes locker facility (almost 2400 lockers are built in the park), vast parking area for vehicles, separate rest rooms for drivers, six multi-cuisine restaurants (including one pure vegetarian), snack bars, ice cream parlours, two conference halls, baby feeding area, prayer hall, dormitories, public telephone booths, changing rooms, curio corner, multi-purpose hall and toilets.

Smoking and drinking within the premises of the park is strictly prohibited. People coming in large groups can book their food in advance if needed. The park organises events such as birthday parties, business meetings and product launches.

Wonder la Timings and rates

Weekday timings - 10.30am to 6pm
Weekend and Public holidays timing - 10.30am to 7pm

Admission charges (rates) for adults - INR 420
Admission charges (rates) for children (upto 4.5ft) - INR 320

Special discounts are given for school children, college institutions and families who come in large groups.

How to reach Wonder la Amusement Park, Kochi

Nearest Bus Stop - Kaloor bus station
Nearest Railway station - Ernakulam railway station at a distance of 20kms
Nearest Airport - Cochin International Airport at a distance of 23kms

Contact Address of Wonder la, Kerala

Wonderla Holidays Pvt Ltd,
Pallikara, Kumarapuram P.O,
Cochin - 683565
Tel No : 0484-2684001, 2684007
E-mail : reception1@veegaland.com

Official website of Wonder la, Kochi

You can find more information about Winderla from their official website http://wonderla.com/park/kochi

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