Kerala State Government Politicians

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M.P. Veerendra Kumar – Profile and Biography

M.P. Veerendra Kumar profile and biography is given here. M.P. Veerendra Kumar is a politician and a writer who hails from the Northern part of Kerala. He is a prolific writer and an able administrator in the publishing industry. Despite of being a busy politician, he has found enough time to pen a dozen books in Malayalam language. Currently, he is the Managing Director and the Chairman of Mathrubhumi group of publications.

A.K. Antony – A politician with a clean image

A.K. Antony is a renowned politician with principles. In his life, he never tolerated corruption. Because of these attributes, he was able to justice to the tasks that are cut out for him. At the organizational level, he never participated in intergroup rivalry in the party. Hence, many political posts came to him at state and national levels.

V. S. Achuthanandan – A politician with people's vision

V.S. Achuthanandan is one of the most agreeable politicians in the political arena of Kerala. He was the Chief Minister of the state from 2006 to 2011. During his reign as the executive head of the state, he brought in some landmark reforms to improve the quality of the people of the state. This article will walk you through the life and work of this great personality.

N. Peethambara Kurup MP – Profile and Biography

N. Peethambara Kurup MP profile and biography is given here. Elected an MP from Kollam Parliament constituency, Peethambara Kurup is currently serving as the Vice President of Kerala Pradesh Congress. He served as a teacher in 1964 and resigned the job to give full dedication to politics. He is known as an Orator and also written a book titled 'SahithyaDhara'. Read more to know about N. Peethambara Kurup MP.

K.B Ganesh Kumar - An actor and a politician

Keezhoote Balakrishna Pillai Ganesh Kumar is a renowned Malayalam actor and a great politician. He is a very down to earth person who is always ready to help other humans and that is the quality a politician needs. Reading through the below article gives you information about his personal life, political life and about his achievements as an actor.

A.K. Antony - Profile and Biography

A.K. Antony profile and biography is given here. Here in this article, you will get the information about the famous politician A.K Antony his personal as well as professional career and everyone will get useful information about his career life and decisions taken in different categories in the government service. His life is described properly in different ways and every person of Indian citizen will enjoy this article.

R. Balakrishna Pillai : Profile & Biography

R. Balakrishna Pillai is the famous politician of Kerala state. His political party is Kerala congress(B).On February 2011, the Supreme court sentenced R. Balakrishna Pillai for one year imprisonment in the idamalayar case & he has been sent to the poojapura central prison. R. Balakrishna Pillai was given unconditional parole for 10 days on 18 May 2011.

K M Mani-Politician : Biography and Profile

K M Mani is a famous and experienced politician from the state. He represents PALA constituency in the assembly. He is tipped to be a Minister in the 2011 cabinet.Mani is regarded as the 'God Father' of all factions of Kerala Congress parties in the state.

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