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Navarakkizhi- a traditional Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Navarakkizhi is on of the most popular traditional treatment in Kerala. The Ayurvedic treatments are become most popular among the peoples world wide. This article is giving the information about the most popular Ayurvedic treatment Navarakkizhi

Herbal remedies for High blood pressure or Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a health disorder characterized by elevation in systolic pressure. Lifestyle with proper diet and exercise play a key role in maintaining the body pressure level. This article gives you some among the safe herbal remedies for lowering high blood pressure.

Shirovasti a traditional Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for Head diseases

Shirovasti is one of the traditional Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. This process is very effective for head diseases. Shirovasti is the process of socking of head in the medicated herbal oil. Shirovasti is prescribed for the patients with the diseases like head diseases, Parkinson disease, paralysis, cervical problems and other such like diseases.

Shirodhara a traditional Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Shirodhara, is a traditional Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala . The Ayurvedic treatments are become most popular among the peoples world wide. Dhara is prescribed the physician mainly for the patients with eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo etc. This article is giving the information about the most popular Ayurvedic treatment Shirodhara and its significance.

Abhyangam a traditional Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Today Ayurvedic treatments become most popular among the peoples world wide. Kerala is only the best source of Ayurvedic treatments. There have lot of Ayurvedic hospitals and centers are offering high quality service to their clients. The descriptions about most popular Ayurvedic treatment Abhyangam are given below

Hotel Le Meridien Spa Therapy - Le Revive Spa

The Hotel Le Meridien, the Five Star Hotel at Ernakulam established the facility of Ayurvedic Beauty and wellness treatment program-Le Revive Spa. As an opening offer there is a 50 percent discount on selected treatments through out September. Telephone booking is available.

Lungs diseases- Home Made Antibiotics and some tips for reducing cough

Allergies and lungs diseases are most common in peoples. Increasing the formation of cough make lot lung’s problems. The home made remedies are most helpful than antibiotic medicines. How we can treat the cough problem self? Here is an article for Ayurvedic antibiotics and tips for reducing cough problems.

Dental Questions and Answers | Expert Answers

Raed the Dental Questions and Answers. Dental problems are common at any age but it is slightly higher in kids. We are hearing lot of myths about the causes of Dental Problems. In this article we can find myths and truths about the causes of dental problems. Read more about Dental Problems and its cause.

Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

Read this article on hair care tips for colored hair. Hair coloring is a new trend among youngsters. Most of youngsters coloring their using different colors, and is most attractive to seen but it wants much care to maintain your hairs health and color. With our care there have the chances of hair breakage and texture changes. Here are some tips for colored hair care.

Cholesterol Free Life-Control Cholesterol Naturally

Read this article 'Cholesterol Free Life-Control Cholesterol Naturally'.The heart problems day to day increases in our world especially in Kerala. Most of the heart diseases are developed from high cholesterol. Due to the lack of exercise most of the peoples have cholesterol now these days. There are lot ways to decreasing the level of cholesterol. What is cholesterol?, how we can control this? Answers of these questions are given here.

How to Prevent Blackheads | Tips to Prevent Blackheads

Some of the effective tips to prevent blackheads are given here. The beauty of person is depending on the health of his or her skin. Blackheads are major problems. Mostly these are seen in the persons who have oily skin. We can remove blackheads easily by using home made products.

Tips to keep hands soft and beautiful

Read this article on tips to keep our hands soft and beautiful. Every day we are doing lot of works using our hands in offices and home due to regular soaps and detergents, the hands lost its softness and beauty, the skin become hard and lost its natural colour. Read more.

Benefits of Doing Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an effective cure prescribed for relieving mental stress and tension. Main health benefits of doing aromatherapy include stimulating energy production in cells, improving concentration power of brain and relieving pain.

Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga-Eight steps in Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga

In patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga has eight interrelated powerful steps this helps a Yogi to attain true happiness. This eight interrelated steps are given here. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, which developed out physical and mental strength. Basically this is developed from Hinduism. Yoga is based on the sutras of Patanjali system.

Body Massaging During Monsoon

Body massaging with oil is an important treatment coming under the list of ayurvedic cures for reducing pain. It is found to be very effective and one among the safest forms of remedies for pain. Increasing blood circulation, rejuvenating cells and strengthening immunity are key benefits of doing body massaging.

Eye Care & Cure- Low Eye Vision Problems and Cures

Read this article on eye care & cure low eye vision problems and cures. Eye care is very important to enjoy the beauty of life. Here is an abstract describing you about the causes and cures of low vision problems. At present, low eye vision is a common health disorder found among people of all ages. Let's see in detail versatile factors affecting this health disorder.

Monsoon and Health Care

According to ayurveda, monsoon serves as a season for improving your health and well being. Diet plays an important role in maintaining the health care of person. This article gives you an idea about do's and don'ts during rainy season.

Life Cell International-Stem Cell Depositing Technology

Life Cell International's sttem cell depositing technology related news is updated here. We can early find the chances of diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Now these days the diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are very common among the peoples. In most of the patients this type of diseases are incurable. In every year lot peoples were dead due to this disease. This stem cell depositing procedure opens a new way to protect the peoples from death.

Eruption Of The Teeth-Temporary Teeth

Read this article about eruption of the teeth temporary teeth. When the gums show the slightest 4 signs of being swollen or inflamed, do not delay, but at once request your dentist to lance them; also ask for directions as to what is best to be done. Borax and honey are very good to rub the inflamed gums (one part borax and three parts honey). When the little teeth come through, watch them, and if they keep perfectly clean leave them alone.

How to Make Karkidaka Kanji?

Karkidaka Kanji, a traditional dish of Kerala is a good dietary supplement made during monsoon period. It act as a health tonic and helps in boosting your energy and stamina. In this article, you are going to read about how to make Karkidaka Kaji for improving your health.

Jaisons Fitness First Cochin

Jaisons Fitness First Cochin, is India's first holistic lifestyle fitness center. The Jaisons fitness first, a complete fitness centere offers you to developing strength, speed, and endurance of adults and children.

Tips For Protecting Hair From Hair Fall And Dandruff

Here are some tips for protecting hair from hair fall and dandruff. How we can get healthy and beautiful hair? Use this tips and protect your hairs healthy and beautiful. Protect our hair from hair loss and dandruff.

Health Clubs and Fitness Centres in Kerala

Details about health clubs and fitness centres in Kerala are given here. Physical fitness is a part of beauty now these days. The address and phone numbers of some famous health clubs and fitness centers for men and women are given here.

Monsoon Hairfall Remedies and Monsoon Hair Care

Read the article 'Monsoon Hairfall Remedies and Monsoon Hair Care'. Beauty and shine are two things wished by everyone for their hair.But can maintain hardly during monsoon.What may be the reasons for that?How can we maintain it?The reasons starting from humidity extends to lot of other reasons.Lets roll our eyes through this article to know more about hairfall during rainy season or monsoon hairfall, monsoon hair care etc.

Common Monsoon Diseases | Rainy Season Diseases

Read about the common monsoon diseases and rainy season diseases. Its all about monsoon and and the diseases caused in monsoon and a clear picture of preventing and curing is also given.It do explain the welcoming of monsoon in Kerala.Have a look through this article to know common monsoon diseases or rainy season diseases.

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