Monsoon Season and Healthy Life Style

Read about monsoon season and healthy life style. Monsoon is back to wet our soil and spread its beauty. Never forget that along with beauty monsoon brings with it a set of diseases as well. Its always best to take precautions than to treat the disease after getting infected.


Once again sky is going to get filled up with rain clouds, like a veil that hides the sizzling dancer. Yes.. the malayalam month of Karkidakam is back again with the mighty dancer-the monsoon rain with the hues and hushes of the wind. The Karkidakam Month, is the last month in the traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Karkidakam also known as the Ramayana month (July-August)is a relief to scorching heat of summer. The month is also known as the Ramayana Masam because the epic Ramayan is read in this month in homes and temples. The monsoon rains are at its peak in Karkidakam month. But it is the month of diseases and infection. The rapid change of climate leaves us with low resistance. So its always best to take precautions than to treat the disease after getting infected.

Long back , it was the month of difficulties or scarcity. People who depended mainly on agriculture turn jobless. To ward of evil and nature's fury people read the Hindu epic Ramayana. People also followed Ayurvedic style of life as a precaution against hoard of health problems. It includes consuming Karkidaka kanji or medicinal porridge. This herbal rice soup has magical powers to ward off diseases and to purify body and soul.

Karkidaka Kanji or Medicinal Porridge Preparation

5 grams each of Malli, Vizhalari,Chrupunnayari, Kutakapalayari, Karkokilari, Jeerakam, Perumjeerakam, Ayamodakam, Uluva, Aashali, Putharichundaveru, Varattumanjal, Katuku, Chukku, Sathakuppa, Naruneendikizhangu, Karimjeerakam, Elam, Thakkolam, Karayampoovu, Jathikka is added along with 1 liter of water, 250 ml of cow milk, and 80 gram of rice. Boil these ingredients and now kanji is ready. Alittle amount of jeerakam and chuvanna ulli is fried in ghee. This is mixed with kanji. And now the Karkidaka Kanji is ready and can be served hot. Karkidaka Kanji

Other than having this medicinal porridge we must also follow some other healthy habits as well. It is in the monsoon season all the Tridoshas namely Vata, Pitha, Kapha aggravatesin our body. It is the ideal time to flush out all impurities and to bring back all the tridoshas to balanced state. For that our ancestors adopted Ayurvedic style of life. Ayurvedic oil therapies like Abhyagam (Full body massage with medicated oil), Dhara (application of a continuous stream of mildly warm oil to the body parts), Pizhichil (medicated warm oil used in a continuous stream for a definite period for the whole body), Njavarakizhi (integral part for keeping the balance between "vatha", "pitha" and "Kapha". In "Pindasweda" the Njavara rice is boiled in "Kurunthottikazhayam", which is a decoction of sida root and milk. It is taken in cloth bags (Kizhis) and is used for massaging.), Elakizhi and Panchakarma treatments are recommended during the season for cleansing the body systems.

Ayurvedic Remedies Lot many Ayurvedic resorts are there in Kerala which are a speacial attraction to foreigners and natives. These places are a great help to present generation as they explain to us the rich culture and tradition we have inherited. But then it is always the best to go back to our tradition and follow them since it is good for ourselves and since it is our duty to pass this heritage to the next generation.

It is always advisable to take only boiled food and water. Do not drink excess water in this season. Add items such as Jeerakam, dry dinger, Thippalli, elakka etc. which have medicinal property in drinking water. Since it enhance digestive power. Taking oil bath is good for health in this season.Its better to fumigate rooms and surroundings every day, in dusk. This helps in killing or driving away insects like mosquitoes. Avoid wearing damp clothes. As this is the Ramayana month try taking part in religious activities like reading Ramayana or other religious epics. This is because reading the epics enrich our knowledge and morality.

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