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Dental Questions and Answers | Expert Answers

Raed the Dental Questions and Answers. Dental problems are common at any age but it is slightly higher in kids. We are hearing lot of myths about the causes of Dental Problems. In this article we can find myths and truths about the causes of dental problems. Read more about Dental Problems and its cause.

Dental Problems and its causes

Dental problems are seen in any persons at any age. Most of dental problems in persons are due to bacteria. Lot of peoples is suffering dental problems most of them are treating themselves. They are ignorant about the causes of this dental problems they are believe the myths about the causes of these dental problems. To remedy these problems we must know the truth and take perfect dental check up and medical care.

The causes of Dental Problems myths and truths

1.What is the causes of tooth decay?
The peoples believes that the tooth decay is due to the deficiency of calcium in our body and they are treating this problems themselves by intake of calcium tablets, due to this calcium content in our body increased and causes lot of health problems. We must understand one thing that the teeth are formed by the calcium deposited in it and once the teeth are formed only the surface is remodeled according to the PH levels in the mouth. The intake of calcium tablets will not cure these problems. Calcium deficiency in the patient will not affect the structure of the tooth.
Truth : Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, this situation needs Dental checkup and medical treatment.

2. The peoples believes that as part of medical treatments like tooth cleaning/ Scaling/ Removal of Calculus makes the teeth loose, is it true false?
Exactly false, the bad oral hygiene results in the deposition of calculus in the tooth surface. These deposits irritate the gums causing inflammation and bleeding. The gums may recede and make a gap in the supporting bones causing the teeth become loose if these deposits are not removed in time. The professional cleaning avoids further destruction of supporting bone. The removal deposits only help to recover the health of supporting bones. But in advanced cases as soon as the calculus is removed the patients may experience in increase in the mobility of the teeth.

3. Here is the a myth popular among peoples that using finger and powder to clean is better than toothbrush and tooth paste is it true false?
It is a false that tooth brush with bristles helps to clean plaque and food particles from almost all the surfaces of the teeth. The finger may not reach at the areas especially the interdental areas. Hence, it is recommended to use toothbrush with a fluoridated paste to clean the teeth. Finger may be used to massage the gums after bushing.

4.Don't use brush to clean teeth it may causing gum bleed, is it true or false
Exactly false, the bleeding gums are the sign of dental problems this situation needs dental checkup and professional cleaning or brush your teeth with soft brush.

5.The peoples believes that once a decayed tooth is restored it needs no further care nor will it get decayed, is it true?
No it is false restoration of decayed teeth is done by removing the affected part of the teeth and filling it with ceramic, composite or silver fillings. This does not mean that the rest of the teeth will not get decayed and need no cleaning. The teeth should be taken care after restoration also to stop new decays elsewhere.

6.Dental procedures are always painful, is it is true?
No it is false, most dental procedures could be carried out without pain. In addition the modern equipments, improved technology and high speed machines cause less vibration and more comfortable for the patients.

7.Dental treatment should be avoided during pregnancy is it true or false?
It is false, many a times dental treatment can be done even during late pregnancy. Routine dental procedures can be carried out with out any fear. However major surgical procedures may require medical opinion before treatment. Dental X-rays may be avoided during pregnancy.

8.There is no need to take care of the teeth of baby because in some years they are going to fall out, is it true?
This is absolutely wrong from a variety of perspectives. First of all, if we do not take proper care of the premature teeth, they may fall out before the time and causes problems like improper development of the child's permanent teeth. Besides, it is necessary to start educating your children to maintain good dental and oral hygiene since early childhood.

9.Is it the eating of lot of chocolates causes tooth decay?
No, it does not. But if you do not brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth each time after having chocolate you are at a much higher risk.

10.Peoples believes that dental treatments cause headaches and problems to the eye, is it true?
This is myth which has no base. The dental treatments if done properly cannot cause any problems to the eye or head.

Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala.
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