Monsoon diseases - Causes and cure

Monsoon diseases causes and cure are given here. Monsoon is fast approaching in Kerala. So we have to take some precautions while dealing with monsoon diseases. This article mainly deals with the monsoon diseases, the symptoms of the monsoon diseases and the things to be taken into care while monsoon diseases and the remedies.

Monsoon Diseases - Causes and Prevention

The Government of Kerala declared emergency in Thiruvananthapuram. Normally, the emergency is declared in the cases of any communal riots, disasters etc. the emergency is now declared because of the spreading of dengue fever in alarming rates. This situation has created panic. As the monsoon is fast approaching, there are a lot of chances for the monsoon diseases. Most of them will be communicable diseases. The major causes of these water borne diseases are the non hygienic situation and the lack of proper awareness.

Mosquitoes are the carriers of diseases during the rainy season. Diseases such as chikungunia, malaria, dengue fever etc are spread by these mosquitoes. The only ways to get rid of mosquitoes are to make the people aware of the diseases caused by them and the methods to prevent these diseases. To get rid of these water borne diseases, always make sure to drink the boiled water. Chlorination of the water is another best method to get away from these diseases.
We, the keralites know the name of some contagious diseases. But we are not taking care of these diseases and do not try to stay away from these diseases. Here, I am giving you the list of some monsoon diseases and the effective way to get rid of these diseases. We must upheld the motto "prevention is better than cure".


Malaria is one among the diseases that may easily affect the common people during the season of monsoon. The malaria is spread by the mosquito called as anopheles mosquito. These mosquitoes are actually females. The male mosquitoes won't do any harm. The monsoon season is the perfect season for them to lay eggs and to breed. The untidy surroundings make it easier for them to breed. This is the worst disease that effects several thousand people a year and takes them to death.


Symptoms of Malaria

  • Repeated fever
  • shivering
  • weakness
  • joints and muscle pain

Prevention from Malaria

Please take care of the below mentioned points to stay away from malaria:
  • Use mosquito nets during the night time
  • use mosquito repellants
  • Get rid of stagnant water
  • Don't hesitate to visit the doctor if you see the symptoms.
  • use DDT and other mosquito repellants in stagnant water.


Cholera is one of the deadly diseases that may easily affect the common people during the season of monsoon. The main causes of the Cholera are the unhygienic water and food. We should maintain proper hygiene to stay away from cholera. The improper sanitation facilities are the another ways by which this disease spreads.

Symptoms of Cholera

  • Diarrhoea
  • shivering
  • vomitting
  • joints and muscle cramps

Prevention from Cholera

Please take care of the below mentioned points to stay away from cholera:
  • Take vaccination at proper time
  • use boiled drinking water
  • be hygenic
  • Give oral rehydration .


This is one among the diseases that may easily affect the common people during the season of monsoon. Always make sure to stay away from contaminated food and water. This is one of the worst diseases. It is because of the reason that the germs can infect the gall bladder of the patient even if the disease is fully cured. So there will be a huge chance for the disease to start again in future.

Symptoms of Typhoid

The given below are the symptoms of typhoid:
  • Fever which lasts for a long days
  • shivering
  • Head ache
  • Abdomen pain

Prevention from Typhoid

Please take care of the below mentioned points to stay away from typhoid:
  • Be isolated from others
  • Take vaccination at proper time
  • be hygenic
  • Prevent dehydration .

Common cold

This is one of the common diseases in rainy season. This disease can affect anyone. But this disease is not so serious. This disease will easily catch us in case of we get wet of rain.

Symptoms of Common cold

The given below are the symptoms of Common cold:
  • Sneezing
  • shivering
  • Fever
  • Sore throat

Prevention from Common cold

Please take care of the below mentioned points to stay away from Common cold:
  • Stay away from rain
  • Avoid cold food items
  • be hygenic
  • Consult with a doctor .

The rainy season is always a pleasing season for the children. But always make sure to be hygienic so that you won't be affected by these rainy season diseases. Let us enjoy the rainy season.

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