How to avoid tension? Techniques unveiled

This is an article which deals with the tensions and the possible tips to overcome the tension. So the practicing of breathing based exercises are recommended for the malayalees to drive away from the harmful affects of tension.

How to drive away this bad tension? When the tea from the cup is drops in to the dress which we wear. Anyone pull us while we standing in the bus, when we late in the place where we work, the manager in the company anger to us for the work which we cannot completed. These are some of the causes of tension. It is necessary to understand about a relief from the tension while we tensioned on reasonable and non reasonable matters. The actions against the tensions are of two types. They are negative and positive approaches. To overcome the tension by means of healthy actions is known as the positive solutions. To avoid the tension by listening music's and use the devotional ways are the positive approaches. The negative ways are some of the actions that are take place by means of starts drinking alcohols get shouted on the peoples and make destruction in the house. So the positive ways to overcome the tension are written as follows.

Analyzing the tension

Analyze the cause of tension that suffers in our mind. Think about reason for each of the tension and solutions to overcome it. We get a good relief from the tension while we understand the main cause of tensions. The tension moves away when we use a proper solution for such tensions. It is necessary to consult a best friend and talk about the problems, when the solution is not at all sufficient to cure our tension. It is easy in such persons has the ability to open out their tensions and analyzing the problems which we suffers.

Long breath

It is a good exercise to take a long breath, while we suffer an extreme tension. This action makes a good and healthy relaxation to our body and mind for a certain time. When we inhale with a long breath, a lot of oxygen is get inside our body and that why we get a total relief from the tension. So the breath exercise is more effective as in the case of tensions. There are so many breathing exercises are available to overcome from the troublesome tension of our mind. The practice is not necessary for the breathing exercises. For starting such exercises it is necessary to select a silent place for the effective result.

1. Sit straight in a silent place.
2. Open the mouth and exhale out the air.
3. The air inhaled in to the lungs for several seconds.
4. When the air is enough in our lungs, then slowly exhale out the breathed air to the outside.
5. The time taken for the inhaling is making much than that of the air which we exhale out.
6. Repeat this respiration for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Listen the music and sing

One of the most effective solutions to get relief from the tension is the listening of music. By this way we achieve a good mood. While listens music, we close our eyes and concentrate to the lyrics and tunes of the music. It is important that the music which we select for listening is a clement one. Sing loudly gives a better relaxation from the tension than that of listen the music. So follow the lines which we listen and sing. The bathroom singing gives a relief from the tensions, because we are alone in the bathroom and more freedom in it. So keep listening Nadan Pattukal, these are the Kerala's own evergreen music's.


We are free from tensions while we are busy in hobbies. Painting, gardening, embroidery works, stamp collection, photography, coin collection, pottery making, reading books, writing etc are some of the hobbies that give us a proper relief from the tensions. We select the hobbies as per our tastes. It is also important that the hobby which we taken to do is only an interested one to us. That's why the hobby is one which gives knowledge as well as relief from the tensions.


Travel is one of the good choices for the people which suffer the devil like tension. So take some times from the busy of works and go to a journey is an effective medicine that cures the problems due to tension. A small trip with family to the beautiful places is better for a healthy and tension free life. This makes us happy at every moment. There are lots of places in the Kerala that are filled with natural beauty. So try to get a relief from the tensions by practicing such exercises.

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In the daily diet should include or increase the quantities of food containing mineral salts, as these substances help to maintain an adequate level of pressure, hence, are essential to raise the level of blood pressure. Among the foods they serve as sources of mineral salts, you can enjoy the fruits, vegetables and those salty.

• A point of great importance to avoid the tension decreases, is pay close attention to changes in posture or position, as the sudden movements and very rapid and sudden can create certain problems in the tension on that ground when it comes to change from a position of sitting or lying to an unemployed, it's best to make a move slow and not sharp, especially when this side, in which case you must first change the posture of sitting and then standing up slowly.

• In case you are pregnant, it is very important to go to a doctor, it is necessary to determine whether the consumption of certain supplements containing iron and potassium, this with the idea of offsetting the loss of salts that result from this condition, so to avoid changes in voltage, in addition to working at the proper development of the fetus

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