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Cholesterol Free Life-Control Cholesterol Naturally

Read this article 'Cholesterol Free Life-Control Cholesterol Naturally'.The heart problems day to day increases in our world especially in Kerala. Most of the heart diseases are developed from high cholesterol. Due to the lack of exercise most of the peoples have cholesterol now these days. There are lot ways to decreasing the level of cholesterol. What is cholesterol?, how we can control this? Answers of these questions are given here.

In India the health surveys revealed that about 25-40 percentage from the peoples aged below 45 having heart disease. In America it is 5 percentages only. Rich oil content food, smoking, smoking, lack of exercise, etc are the main causes of heart diseases. A main cause of increasing heart disease is high cholesterol.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is waxy-fat like substances that seen in body cells. Cholesterol is essential for growth of cells and cholesterol is essential for healthy functions of our body. At the same time high cholesterol will causes lot of health problems including heart diseases. The protein called lipoprotein that contained in blood they are the carriers of cholesterol and distributing cholesterol to different body parts. These lipoproteins are two types High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). In this LDL is carrying cholesterol and distributing to various body parts. As per the cholesterol level increases in our body the level of LDL also increasing. Thus the increasing level of Low Density lipoproteins settled below the walls of blood vessels. Latter these settlings are increase in size and this blocking the passage of blood. So the high LDL level is harmful to our body.

HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol. The main function of HDL cholesterol is catching the LDL cholesterols, which are attaching on the blood vessels, and deliver it return to liver. When the LDL level increases the HDL level decreasing this situation is harmful to our health will causes lot of heart diseases. At the same time we must try to decrease the level of LDL cholesterol and increase the level of HDL cholesterol.

From where this cholesterol developed?

Cholesterol deposition
One type is created in our body self. And the second type is created from our food. Meat and the cooking oils are the main sources of cholesterol. The oil are of three types these are saturated, monounsaturated, unsaturated.

Saturated oils:-Coconut oil, Palm oil, Ghee mainly these are the saturated oils and are main source of LDL cholesterol.

Monounsaturated oils:- Ground nut oil, mustard oil, olive oil are the monounsaturated oils.

Unsaturated oils:-Sun flower oil, Soybean oil, cone oil, are the unsaturated oils.

The level of cholesterol

We can find our cholesterol level through blood tests. If the cholesterol level is below 200mg/dl is normal, above 200 to 239 is slightly higher, and above 240 is very high.

If the LDL level is 100-129 is normal, 130-159 is slightly higher, above 190 is very high

If the HDL is 50-60 or above is normal, below 40 is harmful to health.

If triglyceride is below 150 is normal, 150-199 slightly higher, 200-249 is very high, and above 500 must required medical treatment.

How we can control cholesterol level normal?

Healthy Salad
We can control our cholesterol through well controlled diet and by making changes in life styles.
1. Avoid sugar, honey, maida products. The sugar contained in these products absorbs our body easily and convert it to triglycerides.
2. We should avoid the fast food like Porotta, puffs like bakery products. In a puff contained about 4 teaspoon oil. In a day the permitted oil level oil a person is only 3 spoons.
3. We should control the usage of saturated oil contents like coconut, coconut oil, ghee, palm oil, vanaspati.
4. Increase the fiber content foods in your diet like grains, fruits, leafy vegetables, and other vegetables. Avoid fruit juices and eat fruits directly.
5. Avoid fried foods, and control the usage of mayonnaise, pappadam, pickle etc.
6. Include sea fishes in your diet which contained Omega -3 fatty acids; it will decreases the level of triglycerides and increase the level of HDL. As per the world study revealed that the permitted quantity of sea fishes is 400gm in a week. The chances of contain chemicals in fishes are harmful to health. So avoid above 400 gm in a week. Omega-3 fatty acids also contained in uluva, wheat, and mustard.
7. Eating curry leaf it will helps to decrease the level of LDL cholesterol.
8. Eating big onion helps to reduce LDL level. Use big onion to make salad and eat it every day morning and evening. At least one big onion per day.
9. Eating garlic pearls reduce the level of LDL cholesterol.
10. We should avoid the Mayonnaise from our salad, add some a small spoon olive oil to salad.

How we can increase the level of HDL?

1. Use mono saturated oil like olive oil with your salad, do not use this oil to fry food items.
2. Eat one big teaspoon Flaxseed/linseed (Paruthikuru) (heat and grind ) flour every day. We can use it with salad or oats.
3. Cashew nut and pista, walnut are useful to increasing HDL cholesterol level.
4. We can normally eat 40 ground nuts per day.
5. Regular usage of green tea will helps to increasing the level of HDL.
6. Over weight, smokings, lack of exercise are causing the decrease of HDL level.
7. Regular exercise is another way to increase the level of HDL, do exercise at least 120 minuets in a week.

Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala.
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