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Bharath Suresh Gopi Profile and Biography

Actor Bharath Suresh Gopi's profile and biography is given here. Suresh Gopi is a well known Malayalam actor who has also acted in a few Tamil and Telugu films. He is also a good playback singer and has brought out his own album in which he has sung few songs. Read more to know the profile, biography, filmography, awards, controversies and family life of actor Suresh Gopi.

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Suresh Gopi
Full Name : Suresh Gopinath Nair
Date of Birth : June 25th, 1960
Current Age (as of 2011) : 51
Hometown : Kollam, Kerala
Occupation : Actor, Playback singer
Years active : 1965, 1986 to present
Father's name : K.Gopinatha Pillai
Mother's name : V Gyananlaxmi
Wife's name : Radhika
Children : Lekshmi (passed away), Gokul, Bhagya, Bhavna, Madhav
Schooling : Infant Jesus Anglo-Indian High School, Thangasseri
Education : Degree in English Literature from Fathima Mata National College, Kollam
Debut film in Malayalam : Odeyil Ninnu in 1965 (as a child actor)

Suresh Gopinath Nair alias Suresh Gopi is a well known Indian actor who is more prominent in Malayalam films. He excels the most in roles of a police officer. Till date, he has acted in 175 films with roles in many of the upcoming movies too. Suresh gopi's movies in the 1990's were mostly those which demanded him to essay the role of a serious police officer and so he was criticized a lot for the extreme violence in his movies and that he was posing as a bad influence for the youth. As a result, after 2000 Suresh Gopi vowed not to use a gun in any of his movies. This vow caused a lot of downfall for him and he did not have any good films for almost five years. It was in the year 2005 that he formally cancelled the vow and appeared in Bharathchandran IPS which became a super hit. As a graduate in English literature, Suresh Gopi has also shown a lot of interest in the literature field and is also known for his charitable efforts and he is also a supporter of Indian National Congress (INC). In the year 2014, Suresh Gopi will be celebrating 50 glorious years in the cinema industry. His fluency in the English language can be appreciated after seeing his fervent delivery of the English dialogues in most of his films. Some of Suresh Gopi's noted hit films are Pathram, Bharathchandran IPS, Crime File, Kashmeeram, Janadhipathyam, Sathyameva Jayathe, Thenkashipattanam, Kaliyaatam, Highway, Summer in Bethlehem, F.I.R, Tiger, Chinthamani Kolacase and Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri. Once, Suresh Gopi had got a chance to stand for the election with the Congress Party but he rejected it as he is more interested in films than politics.

Suresh Gopi and Radhika with their children

Early life and family life of Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi hails from Kollam district in Kerala. He was born on June 25th, 1960 to K.Gopinatha Pillai and V Gyananlaxmi. Suresh completed his schooling from Infant Jesus Anglo-Indian High School at Thangasseri and graduated with a degree in English literature from Fathima Mata National College, Kollam. His spouse's name is Radhika, the grand daughter of the national award winning Malayalam actress Aranmula Ponnamma. The couple have five children, one of whom passed away in a tragic car accident at the tender age of 2. The child named Lekshmi was the couple's first child. After a lot of prayers, the couple had four children : Gokul, Bhagya, Bhavna and Madhav. Currently, Suresh Gopi lives in Sasthamangalam at Thiruvananthapuram.

Suresh Gopi as a playback singer

Other activities of Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi is not only a wonderful actor but a talented singer too. He has even recorded an album of romantic songs in which he has sung a couple of songs. His wife Radhika has also pitched in and sung one song in the album along with Suresh Gopi. The album's name is Je Aime Tu which means 'I love u' in the French language. The songs sung by Suresh in the album are 'Kaadhil Thenkanam' and 'Manju Pookalil', the latter one sung as a duet with his wife. The songs have been greatly composed by the talented music composer Sharath and the lyrics have been written by Anil Panichooran and Rafiq Ahmed. Suresh did a promotion of the album when he was invited as the Chief guest for the Grand Finale of Munch Star Singer Junior which was telecasted on 14th February. He couldn't have asked for a better promotion and timing as February 14th is Valentine's day and there is no better day than this to release a romantic song album. Suresh Gopi has also been the Brand ambassador of the Kerala Hockey Federation.

Suresh Gopi in an angry role

Professional career of Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi's first appearance on screen was as a child actor in 1965 for the film Odeyil Ninnu which was directed by K.S Sethumadhavan. The lead roles of this film were played by the yesteryear hero's Prem Nazir and Sathyan. That film was Suresh Gopi's only one as a child actor. After that, he returned back to cinema in 1986. At first, he played very small roles in films which mostly had Mohanlal in the lead role. Suresh has also enacted the role of a villain in some of his first movies. He has tried his hand at comic roles with a role of an inspector by the name 'Minnal' Prathapan in the film Manu Uncle and as Dr Narendran in film Innale. But the people of Kerala would definitely agree with me when I say that Suresh Gopi was not very great in comic roles but excelled in drama roles especially those as a police commissioner. The film which got him this kind of recognition of a good police office was Aanaval Mothiram in 1990. Suresh gopi's popularity rose to a high degree with his role of a police commissioner as Bharathchandran IPS in the film Commissioner. Suresh's dialogues in the film became immensely popular with the viewers of Malayalam cinema. The most famous dialogue of this film is 'Ormayundo ee mugham?' meaning 'Do you remember this face?'. Ever since the movie released, if anyone does an imitation of Suresh Gopi using this dialogue, the audience can recognize the actor who is being mimicked. It was after Bharathchandran IPS released that Suresh Gopi rose to such a fame that he was established as the third superstar of Malayalam film industry after Mammotty and Mohanlal. During the 90's, most of the roles of Suresh Gopi were those of a police officer where all the stories had a similar theme but Suresh excelled in all those roles. It was also during this period that many of Suresh Gopi's movies were dubbed and released in Telugu which made him a sensational star in Andhra Pradesh too.

Suresh Gopi with Mohanlal in Suresh

Awards and controversies of Suresh Gopi

In 1997, Suresh Gopi received a National Film Award for Best Actor for his role of Kannan Perumalayan in the adaptation film of Shakesphere's Othello called Kaliyaatam. This award and film made a huge twist in his career and he came to be known as a versatile actor who can do well in roles other than police officer too. Another film of his called Summer in Bethlehem where he co-starred along with Jayaram and Manju Warrier also became a very big hit commercially. During the period of 2000 to 2005 when he took a pledge of not acting in any movie which depicted violence, it affected his career to a huge extent and people even thought that he was considering an exit from Malayalam cinema to join politics. From 2000 to 2005, Suresh Gopi only acted in almost 10 films or so which had soft roles with just one release in 2002 and 2003. It was in 2005 that he cancelled his pledge legally and returned to action movies with Bharathchandran IPS directed by Renji Panicker. The movie turned out to be a blockbuster hit and proved that Suresh Gopi's films worked well when he had a gun in his hands. After this, he appeared in many films in the role of a police officer or a detective. Most of those movies were successful at the box office. He has tried to portray a different role with a slight negative shade in the film Lanka co-starring Mamta Mohandas. But the film failed badly and Suresh became the subject of a controversy for showing a kissing scene in the film. Due to this, there were gossips about an affair between the leading pair but obviously it was denied by both the actors. In his upcoming film Ven Shankh Pol which is being directed by Ashok R Nath, Suresh Gopi will be playing the role of a war reporter. In the film, he is a journalist Nandan who suffers from a terminal illness with Jyothirmayi enacting the role of his wife.

There is another controversy connected to Suresh Gopi. In the 2001 elections, he had some issues with the newly prepared electoral list which omitted many eligible people from it. On the day of polling, Suresh Gopi went with his family to the polling booth and only then did he realise that his mother in law's name was not found in the list. This made Suresh Gopi very furious and he decided not to vote in regard to a protest against misconduct that took place in the preparation of the electoral list.

Awards won by Suresh Gopi

1. National Film Award for Best Actor in 1998 (Kaliyaatam)
2. Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in 1998 (Kaliyaatam)
3. Film Critics Best Actor Award (three times)
4. Best Supporting Actor Award (four times)

Filmography of Suresh Gopi

1. Odeyil Ninnu in 1965 (as a child actor).
2. Yuvajanotsavam in 1986.
3. T.P Balagopalan M.A in 1986.
4. Rajavinte Makan in 1986.
5. Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare in 1986.
6. Manasilloru Manimuthu in 1986.
7. Adiverukal in 1986.
8. Nandi Veendum Varika in 1986.
9. Vrutham in 1987.
10. Vazhiyorakkazhchakal in 1987.
11. P.C 369 in 1987.
12. January Oru Orma in 1987.
13. Irupatham Noottandu in 1987.
14. Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar in 1987.
15. Sreedharante Onnam Thirunurivu in 1987.
16. New Delhi in 1987.
17. 1921 in 1988.
18. Witness in 1988.
19. Moonnam Mura in 1988.
20. Manu Uncle in 1988.
21. Dhwani in 1988.
22. Anuragi in 1988.
23. Oru CBI Diary Kurippu in 1988.
24. Varnam in 1989.
25. Unnikrishnante Adyathe Christmas in 1989.
26. News in 1989.
27. Kaalal Pada in 1989.
28. Douthyam in 1989.
29. Vachanam in 1989.
30. Innale in 1989.
31. Akshrathettu in 1989.
32. Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha in 1989.
33. Nair Saab in 1989.
34. Varthamana Kalam in 1990.
35. Orukkam in 1990.
36. Rajavazhcha in 1990.
37. Midhya in 1990.
38. Thooval Sparsam in 1990.
39. Minda Poochakku Kalyanam in 1990.
40. Arhatha in 1990.
41. Kouthuka Varthakal in 1990.
42. Saandhram in 1990.
43. In Harihar Nagar in 1990.
44. Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu in 1990.
45. Nagarangalil Chennu Raparkam in 1990.
46. Parampara in 1990.
47. Parallel college in 1991.
48. Kuttapathram in 1991.
49. Ente Sooryaputhrikku in 1991.
50. Aanaval Mothiram in 1991.
51. Chakravarthy in 1991.
52. Kadalora Kattu in 1991.
53. Santhwanam in 1991.
54. Utsava Melam in 1992.
55. Adharam in 1992.
56. Ponnurukkum Pakshi in 1992.
57. Ente Ponnu Thampuran in 1992.
58. Aham in 1992.
59. Thalastaanam in 1992.
60. Nakshthrakoodaram in 1992.
61. Pappayude Swantham Appoos in 1992.
62. Simhadhwani in 1992.
63. Nadodi in 1992.
64. Daddy in 1992.
65. Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans in 1993.
66. Dhruvam in 1993.
67. Ponnu Chami in 1993.
68. Injakkadan Mathai & Sons in 1993.
69. Paithrukam in 1993.
70. Ekalavyan in 1993.
71. City Police in 1993.
72. Samooham in 1993.
73. Mafia in 1993.
74. Yaadhavam in 1993.
75. Manichithrathazhu in 1993.
76. Ethu Manju Kaalam in 1993.
77. Aacharyan in 1993.
78. Chukkan in 1994.
79. Kashmeeram in 1994.
80. Commissioner in 1994.
81. The City in 1994.
82. Rudraksham in 1994.
83. Manathe Kottaram in 1994.
84. Aksharam in 1995.
85. Highway in 1995.
86. Karma in 1995.
87. Radholsavam in 1995.
88. Thakshasila in 1995.
89. Sindoora Rekha in 1995.
90. The King in 1995.
91. Sakshyam in 1995.
92. Sadaram in 1995.
93. Yuvathurki in 1996.
94. Rajaputhran in 1996.
95. Mahatma in 1996.
96. Suvarna Simhaasanam in 1997.
97. Masmaram in 1997.
98. Lelam in 1997.
99. Kulam in 1997.
100. Janathipathyam in 1997.
101. Guru in 1997.
102. Gangothri in 1997.
103. Bhoopathi in 1997.
104. Bharatheeyam in 1997.
105. Anubhooti in 1997.
106. Kaliyaatam in 1997.
107. Thirakalkkapuram in 1998.
108. Thalolam in 1998.
109. Summer in Bethlehem in 1998.
110. Rakthasakshikal Sindabad in 1998.
111. Pranayavarnangal in 1998.
112. Kallu Kondoru Pennu in 1998.
113. Vazhunnor in 1999.
114. Varnatheru in 1999.
115. Pathram in 1999.
116. F.I.R in 1999.
117. Crime File in 1999.
118. Satyameva Jayate in 2000.
119. Pilots in 2000.
120. Millennium Stars in 2000.
121. Mark Antony in 2000.
122. Dreams in 2000.
123. Cover Story in 2000.
124. Thenkasipattanam in 2000.
125. Saivar Thirumeni in 2001.
126. Randam Bhavam in 2001.
127. Megasandesam in 2001.
128. Sundrapurushan in 2001.
129. Nariman in 2001.
130. in 2002.
131. Swapnam Kondu Thulabharam in 2003.
132. Agninakshathram in 2004.
133. Sasneham Sumitra in 2004.
134. Ullam in 2005.
135. Makalkku in 2005.
136. Bharathchandran I.P.S in 2005.
137. The Tiger in 2005.
138. Rashtram in 2006.
139. Chintamani Kolacase in 2006.
140. Aswaroodan in 2006.
141. Pathaka in 2006.
142. Bada Dosth in 2006.
143. Smart City in 2006.
144. Notebook in 2006.
145. Lanka in 2007.
146. Detective in 2007.
147. Paranju Theeratha Visheshangal in 2007.
148. Time in 2007.
149. Bharathan in 2007.
150. Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri in 2007.
151. Kichmani M.B.A in 2007.
152. Black Cat in 2007.
153. Janmam in 2007.
154. Sound of Boot in 2008.
155. Ayudham in 2008.
156. Twenty 20 in 2008.
157. Pakal Nakshatrangal in 2008.
158. Bullet in 2008.
159. Hailesa in 2009.
160. I.G Inspector General in 2009.
161. Bhoomi Malayalam in 2009.
162. Black Dalia in 2009.
163. Kancheepurathe Kalyanam in 2009.
164. Vairam : Fight for Justice in 2009.
165. Kerala Café in 2009.
166. Sahasram in 2010.
167. Sadgamaya in 2010.
168. Kanyakumari Express in 2010.
169. Ringtone in 2010.
170. Rama Ravanan in 2010.
171. Mummy & Me in 2010.
172. Janakan in 2010.
173. Kadaksham in 2010.
174. Christian Brothers in 2011.
175. Melvilasom in 2011.

Tamil films of Suresh Gopi

1. Dheena in 2001
2. Samasthanam in 2002.

Telugu films of Suresh Gopi

1. Antima Theerpu in 1988.
2. Aa Okkadu in 2009.

Upcoming movies of Suresh Gopi

1. The King and The Commissioner - Directed by Shaji Kailas
2. Collector - Directed by Anil C Menon
3. Indian Rupee - Directed by Ranjith
4. Achayyan - Directed by Dr S Janardhanan
5. Judgement Day - Directed by Renji Panicker
6. Cadbury's - Directed by Martin Prakkat
7. Ekadashy currently titled as Ven Shankh Pol - Directed by Ashok R Nath

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