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Jayaram Malayalam Actor and Actress Parvathy Profile and Biography

Jayaram malayalam actor and actress Parvathy's profile and biography is given here.Jayaram is one of the experienced and versatile actors of the Malayalam film industry. He is a multi-talented person as well as philanthropist. He is married to the famous Malayalam actress Parvathy. Read more to know the profiles of Jayaram and Parvathy along with other details such as filmography, awards, campaigns and biography of Jayaram.

Padma Shri Jayaram
Full Name : Jayaram Subramaniam
Date of Birth : December 10th 1965
Current age (as of 2011) : 45
Hometown : Perumbavoor, Kerala
Profession : Film actor, Mimicry artist
Education : Bachelor of Arts
Years active : 1988 to present
Wife's name : Parvathy
Children : One son (Kalidasan) and one daughter (Malavika)
Debut film in Malayalam : Aparan in 1988

Jayaram is an Indian film actor who is famous through his films in Malayalam as well as Tamil languages. Other than acting, Jayaram has more talents in the mimicry department and also as a chenda percussionist. Jayaram started his professional career as a mimicry artist. As he is very skilled in the art of making the viewers laugh, most of his films fall under the genre of comedy and romance. Jayaram's movies usually do not contain too much stunts and violence but instead they are family entertainers. Due to his immense talents in the field of art, Jayaram was awarded the Padma Shri title by the Government of India in 2011. He is also a very charitable person who takes a lot of interest in performing his duties towards the development of the society.

Jayaram as a chenda persussionist along with wife Parvathy

Early life and background of Malayalam actor Jayaram

Jayaram was born on December 10th, 1965 into a Brahmin family at Perumbavoor in Kerala. He has attained a bachelors degree in arts from Sri Sankara College, Kaladi. During his college days, Jayaram joined a professional mimicry group called Kalabhavan. He is very adept in mimicking many famous personalities. As a part of the Kalabhavan troupe, he performed in more than thousand stage shows out of which many of them were big hits. Jayaram also won many state level awards in mimicry during this period. He became a catalyst in making mimicry very popular among the Malayalee audience and the visual media. Other than mimicry, Jayaram is also an expert at playing the chenda which is a widely used instrument in Kerala. It is mainly used in temples and for dance forms such as Kathakali and Koodiyattam. Jayaram has performed the unique musical composition called 'Sruthi Panchari' which was composed by the maestro in chenda persussion, Padmashri Mattanoor Sanakarakutty Marar. After a lot of dedication and hardwork, Jayaram perfected the art of playing the chenda and also got the chance of performing along with Shri Mattanoor.

Jayaram and Parvathy with children

Family life of Malayalam actor Jayaram

Jayaram is married to famous Malayalam actress Parvathy who has not acted in films after her marriage. The couple has one son named Kalidasan and one daughter named Malavika. Their son Kalidasan has already proved that he has got the acting talents from his parents after acting as a child artist in two movies. Kalidasan has also won a National film Award for Best Child Artist in 2003 for the second film, Ente Veedu Appoontem.

Parvathy Jayaram

Profile of Malayalam actress Parvathy Jayaram

Parvathy's real name is Ashwathy Kurup but is known in the cinema world as Parvathy. She is an award-winning popular actress of Malayalam cinema. Her best features were her beautiful long black hair, big charming eyes and also a great talent at dancing. Because her looks were those of a typical Malayalee girl, she was able to act only in Malayalam movies but she excelled in most of the roles that she has done in the field. She was part of the film industry from 1986 to 1996. Her hometown is Kaviyoor in Thiruvalla and was born on April 7th, 1970. Parvathy's best films are Amrutham Gamaya, Oru Minnaminuginte Nurungu Vettam, Kireedam, Vadakkunokkiyanthram, Thoovanathumbikal and Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal. The entire family lives together currently in Chennai.

Jayaram and family
Jayaram has a special attachment and affection for elephants. Just by looking at an elephant he can recognize it if he has already seen the same one before. This affection must have come about because his hometown in Kerala, Perumbavoor is the start of a forest area. Due to this, Jayaram had lot of chances to interact with wild elephants, visualize how they are tamed etc. He is the member of the Elephant Owners Association in Kerala. He has acted in many films which involved elephants and is also an owner of an elephant himself.

Professional career of Malayalam actor Jayaram

Jayaram joined the acting field at the age of 23 with his debut Malayalam film Aparan in 1988. The film was directed by P.Padmarajan who took the initiative to introduce Jayaram to the field of acting. The renowned director Padmarajan became Jayaram's mentor till his death in January 1991. Jayaram has co-starred with his wife Parvathy in many of his olden films such as Ulsavapittenu, Swagatham, Puthiya Karukkal and many more. Jayaram is a very versatile actor who can handle any kind of role be it as a comedian, villain, a mad person, a police constable and serious roles. Some of Jayaram's Tamil films are Gokulam, Purushalakshanam, Priyanga, Kolangal, Murai Mamman, Thenali, Panchathanthiram and Pathini.

Social developments made by Jayaram

1. Introduced and led the campaign against pollution of the backwaters in Kerala. Rainbow Cruises in Alappuzha is co-owned by Jayaram.
2. Introduced the AIDS Awareness Campaign.
3. Brand Ambassador for Regional Cancer Centre
4. Introduced a successful campaign in association with Jana Seva Sishu Bhavan.
5. Introduced the campaign to protect elephants against cruelties by the society.
6. Brand Ambassador for Kerala Tourism.

Awards won by Malayalam actor Jayaram

1. Asianet Film Awards for Best Actor in 1998 (Sneham)
2. Asianet Film awards for Best Actor in 2001 (Theerthadanam and Uthaman)
3. Asianet Film Awards for Most popular actor award in 2008 (Veruthe Oru Bharya)
4. Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for Thenali in 2000 (as a special prize)
5. Filmfare Awards for Best Actor in 1996 (Thooval Kottaram)
6. Filmfare Awards for Best Actor in 2001 (Theerthadanam)
7. Filmfare Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 2002 (Panchathanthiram)
8. Filmfare Awards for Best Actor in 2003 (Manassinakare)
9. Kerala State Film Awards for Second Best Actor in 2000 (Swayamvarapandhal)
10. Kerala State Film Awards (Special Jury Award) in 1996 for Thooval Kottaram
11. Civilian Awards in 2011 (Padma Shri)
12. Rotary Club Award for Thooval Kottaram in 1996
13. Sini Best Actor Award for Thooval Kottaram in 1996
14. V. Shantaram Award for Shesham in 2002
15. J.C Foundation Award for Best actor in 2008 (Veruthe Oru Bharya)

Filmography of Malayalam actor Jayaram

1. Aparan in 1988
2. Moonnam Pakkam in 1988
3. Dhwani in 1988
4. Witness in 1988
5. Pon Muttyidunna Tharavu in 1988
6. Varnam in 1989
7. Chanakyan in 1989
8. Vachanam in 1989
9. Unnikrishnante Adyathe Christmas in 1989
10. Ulsavapittennu in 1989
11. Swagatham in 1989
12. Puthiya Karukkal in 1989
13. Pradeshika Varthakal in 1989
14. Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal in 1989
15. Mazhavil Kaavadi in 1989
16. Kaalal Pada in 1989
17. Jaathakam in 1989
18. Innale in 1989
19. Chakkikkotha Chankaran in 1989
20. Artham in 1989
21. Varthamaana Kaalam in 1990
22. Thooval Sparsham in 1990
23. Thalayanamanthram in 1990
24. Shubhayathra in 1990
25. Randam Varavu in 1990
26. Radha Madhavam in 1990
27. Paavakkoothu in 1990
28. Nanma Niranjavan Srinivasan in 1990
29. Nagarangalil Chennu Raparkam in 1990
30. Marupuram in 1990
31. Malayogam in 1990
32. Kuruppinte Kanakku Pustakom in 1990
33. Sandesham in 1991
34. Pookkaalam Varavayi in 1991
35. Mukha Chithram in 1991
36. Koodikkaazhca in 1991
37. Kilukkampetti in 1991
38. Keli in 1991
39. Kankettu in 1991
40. Kadinjool Kalyanam in 1991
41. Georgekutty C/O Georgekutty in 1991
42. Ezhunnallathu in 1991
43. Ennum Nanmakal in 1991
44. Chanchattam in 1991
45. Bhoomika in 1991
46. Adwaitham in 1991
47. Kanalkkattu in 1991
48. Ootty Pattanam in 1992
49. My Dear Muthachan in 1992
50. Malootty in 1992
51. First Bell in 1992
52. Ezhara Ponnana in 1992
53. Ayalathe Addeham in 1992
54. Aayushkalam in 1992
55. Vakkeel Vasudev in 1993
56. Gokulam in 1993
57. Pursha Lakshanam in 1993
58. Samagamam in 1993
59. Paithrukam in 1993
60. Oru Kadankatha Pole in 1993
61. Meleparambil Aanveedu in 1993
62. Kavadiyattam in 1993
63. Customs Diary in 1993
64. Bandhukkal Sathrukkal in 1993
65. Aagneyam in 1993
66. Dhruvam in 1993
67. Priyanga in 1994
68. Manasu Rendum Pudhusu in 1994
69. Vadhu Doctoranu in 1994
70. Sudhinam in 1994
71. CID Unnikrishnan B.A, B.Ed in 1994
72. Vrudhanmare Sookshikkuka in 1995
73. Sreeragam in 1995
74. Murai Maman in 1995
75. Kolangal in 1995
76. Puthukottyile Puthu Manavalan in 1995
77. Minnaminuginum Minnukettu in 1995
78. Mangalam Veettil Manaseswari Gupta in 1995
79. Kusruthikaatu in 1995
80. Aniyan Bava Chetan Bava in 1995
81. Aadyathe Kanmani in 1995
82. Thooval Kottaram in 1996
83. Swapna Lokathe Balabhaskaran in 1996
84. Periya Idathu Maapillai in 1996
85. Kaliveedu in 1996
86. Dilliwale Rajakumaran in 1996
87. Aramana Veedum Anjoorekkarum in 1996
88. Superman in 1997
89. Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu in 1997
90. Kilukil Pambaram in 1997
91. Karunyam in 1997
92. Kadhanayakan in 1997
93. Irattakuttikalude Achan in 1997
94. Pathini in 1997
95. The Car in 1997
96. Sooryaputhran in 1998
97. Summer in Bethlehem in 1998
98. Sneham in 1998
99. Kusruthi Kuruppu in 1998
100. Kottaram Veettile Apputtan in 1998
101. Kaikudunna Nilavu in 1998
102. Chitrashalabham in 1998
103. Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar in 1998
104. Ayushman Bhava in 1998
105. Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal in 1999
106. Pattabishekam in 1999
107. Njangal Santhushtaranu in 1999
108. Friends in 1999
109. Swayamvarapandal in 2000
110. Naadan Pennum Naattupramaniyum in 2000
111. Millennium Stars in 2000
112. Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal in 2000
113. Daivathinte Makan in 2000
114. Thenali in 2000
115. Vakkalathu Narayanankutty in 2001
116. Sharjah to Sharjah in 2001
117. Naranathu Thamburan in 2001
118. Uthaman in 2001
119. Theerthadanam in 2001
120. One Man Show in 2001
121. Naina in 2002
122. Panchathanthiram in 2002
123. Sesham in 2002
124. Malayalimamanu Vanakkam in 2002
125. Yathrakarude Sradhakku in 2002
126. Ente Veedu Appuvinteyum in 2003
127. Ivar in 2003
128. Julie Ganapathy in 2003
129. Manassinakkare in 2003
130. Paarai in 2003
131. Nala Damayanthi in 2003
132. Njaan Salperu Raman Kutty in 2004
133. Mayilattam in 2004
134. Amrutham in 2004
135. Finger Print in 2005
136. Alice in Wonderland in 2005
137. Pauran in 2005
138. Sarkar Dada in 2005
139. Madhuchandralekha in 2006
140. Aanachandam in 2006
141. Moonnamathoral in 2006
142. Kanaka Simhaasanam in 2006
143. Paramasivan in 2006
144. Anchil Oral Arjunan in 2007
145. Sooryan in 2007
146. Magic Lamp in 2008
147. Novel in 2008
148. Dhaam Dhoom in 2008
149. Saroja in 2008
150. Aegan in 2008
151. Panchamirtham in 2008
152. Pirivom Santhippom in 2008
153. Veruthe Oru Bharya in 2008
154. Parthan Kanda Paralokam in 2008
155. Twenty 20 in 2008
156. Samastha Keralam PO in 2009
157. Bhagyadevatha in 2009
158. Winter in 2009
159. Rahasya Police in 2009
160. Kana Kanmani in 2009
161. Seetha Kalyanam in 2009
162. My Big Father in 2009
163. Four Friends in 2010
164. Happy Husbands in 2010
165. Kola Kolaya Mundhirika in 2010
166. Kadha Thudarunnu in 2010
167. Kudumbasree Travels in 2011
168. Makeup Man in 2011
169. Ponnar Sankar in 2011
170. Chinatown in 2011
171. Seniors in 2011
172. Sabash Sariyana Potti in 2011

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