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Kerala Election 2011 Winners

Here is the kerala election 2011 complete list of winners with details. Read the complete list and details of the winners of kerala election 2011 winners.

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K. C. Joseph : Profile & Biography

K. C. joseph, the famous politician was born on 3 June 1946 to K. M. Chacko & Thresiamma Chacko. His political party is INC. It should be noted that K.C.Joseph was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly in the years 1982, 1987, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2011 etc. Also note that in the 2011 Kerala assembly election, K.C.Joseph won the Irikkur constituency.

A. P. Anilkumar: Profile & Biography

A. P. Anilkumar, the famous politician was born on 15 March 1965. His parents are A. P. Balan & K.L.Devaki. It should be noted that the political party of A.P.Anilkumar is INC. In the past Oommen chandy ministry, A.P.Anilkumar was the minister for welfare of scheduled communities & youth & cultural affairs . He won the wandoor constituency in the 2011 Kerala election.

G. Karthikeyan : Profile and Biography

G. Karthikeyan, the famous political leader was born on 20 January 1949. His parents are N. P .Gopala Pillai & Vanajakshy Amma. INC is the political party of G. Karthikeyan. It should be noted that G. Karthikeyan won the Aruvikkara constituency in the 2011 Kerala assembly election by 10674 votes.

Adoor Prakash : The famous politician who won the Konni constituency in the 2011 Kerala election

Adoor Prakash, the famous politician was born to N.Kunjuraman & V.M.Vilasini on 24 May 1955. His political party is INC. Adoor Prakash is an advocate as well as political leader. It should be noted that Adoor Prakash won the konni constituency in the 2011 Kerala assembly election by 7774 votes. This article gives you an idea about the different positions occupied by Adoor Prakash.

K. Muraleedharan : Profile & Biography

K.Muraleedharan, the famous politician was born to K.Karunakaran & Kalayanikutty Amma in the year 14 May 1957. We all know that K.Karunakaran was a famous congress politician in Kerala. In the 2011 Kerala assembly election, K.Muraleedharan won the won the Vattiyoorkavu constituency by 16167 votes.

Position of Winning Candidates in the Victory Margin List

2011 Assembly Election Results of Kerala are out. Given below is the list of Winning Candidates in the descending order of the Margin of Votes secured over their nearest rival candidates. The candidates Photos are also included.

10 Toppers of Kerala Assembly Election 2011

The 10 Top heroes of Kerala Assembly Election, 2011 is updated. The top ten are Ubaidulla, P K Kunhalikutty, Abdussamad Samadani, Oommen Chandy, Hibi Eden, C Krishnan, E P Jayarajan, B Satyan, T V Rajesh. Their profile in brief along with the photos is given below.

Kerala Elections 2011 Ernakulam District Winners

The Kerala Election Results 2011 has been released in Ernakulam District. Read to know about Ernakulam district election results 2011 and various administrative results over the region with full votes analysis in the district. Get the full information on winners of ernakulam district winner.

Kerala Assembly Election 2011 UDF Winners List

UDF has won in 72 seats in Kerala Assembly election 2011. Read this article to know the list of UDF candidates who win in Kerala assembly election result 2011 with their leads and constituency. Look these names and guess who will become the chief minister and ministers in Kerala on 2011.

Kerala Assembly Election Results 2011 :Winners in Kollam District

Kerala assembly election results 2011 of kollam district has been over and all eyes are on the winning list of candidates or simply MLA'S. Look these article to see the winners of Kerala assembly election 2011 in Kollam district with their total votes, their leads obtained and details and analysis with Kerala assembly election 2006.

Kerala Elections 2011 Kozhikode District Winners

The elections results 2011 of kerala in the kozhikode district is given here. Read the full information on the kozhikode constituencies with elections 2011 results. Read the information regarding the winners of kozhikode Constituencies in 2011.

Kerala Elections 2011 Winners of Kasaragod District

The Kasaragod district results of kerala election results 2011 has been announced. Read the full information on the Kasaragod district winners of Kerala Elections 2011. Get the information related to each constituency of kasaragod district in the Kerala Elections 2011 with the winners list.

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