Onam Festival Kerala 2011

Find here articles about onam 2011 in kerala. Updates on onam 2011 kerala is given here. Read as many information on onam 2011 in kerala.

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Onam Snake Boat Race During Onam Festival

Read this article to know all the details about snake boat races or vallamkali during onam festival.Onam is the most important festival for the people of Kerala state. It is a time for immense joy and togetherness between families and friends. One of the celebrations during Onam is the snake boat races.

Traditional Dances of Onam festival

Read this article to know all the details of the Onam dances.Onam is a very important festival of the state of Kerala in India. There are many traditional dances that are performed specially during this festival. The dances are Kummattikali, Kaikottikali, Puli Kali, Kathakali and Thumbi Thullal.

Onam Sadya Items and Onam Sadya Recipes

Read this article to know the items of a typical Onam sadya and also get the onam recipes of all the items. Onam is a very important festival for Keralites. It is a time for families and friends to meet each other. A very important factor of Onam is the grand feast that is kept in almost every Kerala home.

History of the Onam Festival

Read about the history of Onam festival. Onam is the most favorite festival of Kerala. Onam is a festival of flowers. The festival Onam is celebrated on Malayalam month ‘chingam’, which is the first month in Malayalam calendar. All Keralitis are celebrating this festival with out any separation of cast and religion. The day, in which the ancient Kerala king, Mahabali, visit Kerala to see his people.

Watch largest pookalam in the world at Kannur, Kerala

Watch world largest pookalam(floral carpet) named as “Othoruma’ which had been step up at Kannur, Kerala. Watch the picture of the largest pookalam in the world. Its estimated that around 25 lakhs rupees had been spend for arranging this pookalam.

Onathappan and Onam - History Explained

Read about the importance of Onathappan for Onam. All of us know onam as festival celebrated with more of social procedures with lot of games, plays gatherings and family unions with use of flowers, new cloths and sadyas etc. There is another face to the festival celebration which is not consciously remembered by us while celebrating the festival.

Onam Special Recipes - Kalan,Olan and Thoran

In this article Onam special Kalan,Olan and thoran recipes are added. The main ingredients for making these dishes is explained here with the composition of each ingredients. Read this article and study the preparation of Kalan,Olan and Thoran.

Onam Special Recipes - Sambar Curry

In this article we can see how to make famous Kerala sambar. Also the main ingredients for preparing Sambar. Composition of each ingredients also seen here. Read the article and prepare Sambar and enjoy it's taste.

Onam Recipes - Sarkarapuratty and Kaya Varuthathu

Here Onam recipes sakarapuraty and Kaya varuthathu is added. Also the ingredients for their preparation and preparation method is explained. Read this article and prepare sakarapuraty and kaya varuthathu very easily.

Puliinji-special Onam Recipes

This article provides you details regarding the preparation of puliinji. As name like it is composition of ginger ans tamarind. Also you can see here ingredients used for the preparation and composition of each ingredients .

Kootukari - Onam special Recipes

This article gives you information like preparation of kootukari,what is difference between kootukari and aviyal. Also gives a list of ingredients for preparing kootukari and composition of each ingredients also specified here.

Onam Recipes - Pulissery Curry

A very special Onam Pulissery Curry Recipes is added here. It is an Innovative Onam dish during Onam Sadhyas. You can go through this article to know how to prepare Pulissery which will add more flavour to your Onam lunch.

Parumala Mar Gregorious College Thiruvalla - Onam 2011

Here is a report on Parumala Mar Gregorious College Thruvalla Onam Celebrations 2011. The college celebrated Onam 2011 with flying colours with the overall participation of students and staffs. Get the latest report on Onam Celebration is Parumala Mar Gregorious College.

2011 Onam Week Celebrations in Kottayam District from 7 September 2011

Read this article to know about '2011 Onam Week Celebrations in Kottayam District starting on 7 September 2011'. The celebrations are launched by the Revenue Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. In addition to this celebrations, a cultural meet will also be held on 8 September 2011 at Thirunakkara ground.

Onam Special Recipes - Avial

Onam Avial Special Recipes is added here. Read this article to get a glance how to prepare Avial. Complete details about preparation of Avial in explained here.

Onam Special Recipes - Palada Pradhaman

Onam Special Palada Pradhaman Recipes is given here. Details about how to make the favorite Ada Pradhaman Payasam and the ingredients to make it is explained here. Most of peoples makes it during Onam days and all other important fests. It is superior in Onam sadhya.

Security In Thiruvananthapuram During The Onam Festival

Read this article about 'Security In Thiruvananthapuram During The Onam Festival'. Heavy security is taken in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala state during the Onam celebrations starting from 7 September 2011 onwards for ensuring the smooth conduct of Onam festival.

New Onam Special Trains 2011 To Kerala From Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

New Onam Special Trains 2011 To Kerala From Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai is given here. Read this article to know the timing, name, date, stops in Kerala, reservation details and schedule of new Onam special trains and details of their return journey. Four Onam special trains are Hyderabad-Kollam special train, Yeshwantpur- Kochuveli Garib Rath express, Bangalore city- Kochuveli and Chennai central- Kochuveli express.

Pulikali Onam Folk Art- History, Features and Details

Pulikali Onam Folk Art- History, Features and Details is included here. Pulikali is one of the common folk art which makes Onam colorful. We provide you the detailed history of Pulikali and its features. Pulikali is organized in Swaraj Ground of Thrissur in the fourth Onam.

Onam Week Celebrations Begins On 7 September 2011 At Thiruvananthapuram

Read this article to know the details of Onam week celebrations that begins on 7 September 2011 at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala state, India. The function will be inaugurated by the Kerala chief minister Oommen Chandy at the Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram.

Onam Festival - History in Brief

This article will provides you a clear idea of history Onam festival. Moreover this article explain significance of Onam festivals and importend celebrations in Onam days.It will also give to you a brief idea about snake boat races.

2011 Onam Celebrations & Attractions In Kerala

Read this article to know more about the 2011 Onam celebrations & attractions in Kerala. In this article you will find informations regarding the Onam celebrations in Trivandrum, Onam sadhya items, boat races, Onam pookkalams etc.

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